The Path to Peace

War consciousness is deep within the human psyche. It has been present since tribal times. It has had to evolve for our current civilisation and emerges as competition, comparison, separation…and battling unseen enemies. It needs a foe to fight to feel satisfied. To feel fulfilled.

Unified consciousness transmutes this by bringing both (inner) sides together.

The battle is over when you lay down your arms.
When you take down your shields.
When you say I choose to no longer fight.
I choose another path.

Here the greater journey begins.
It is a continual refinement of choosing another way.

Each moment the battle cry emerges within your psyche, is another moment to make a different choice. One that serves you and all.

So the question at this crossroad shifts from:

Who is to Blame?
How can I see this in a way that serves even my so-called enemy?

The path to peace is guideposted with our own friends & foes, inner and outer.

It is a journey that leaves the battles behind and walks a softer path,

One that takes us to the awaiting New Reality.

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