Attraction & Reflection

Our journey of manifesting, attracting, reflecting what we want in our external reality is one of Alignment. It is a journey of Self Growth.

When we desire certain things in our lives what we are really saying is – I wish to become that…

As only when we become that, can we vibrationally match it…in order for it to reflect from within & remain in our reality.

Whether it’s a Relationship, Career or any Experience we seek…our desires actually reflect our deeper desires for self growth.

The beautiful aspect of reality is that when we desire something, it activates something within:

The Calling for it resonates with the part within – that Is it.

Here we undergo a process of letting go of older stories that say we cannot have that want – and all the conditionings / programmings that came with it.

And we embrace and nurture the new emerging frequency that says we can and deserve that which we desire.
Building Empowerment, Self Acceptance…Self Love.

We become it.

And through natural spiritual laws, reflect it externally to magnetise that towards us.

The more we recognise our interconnected relationship with our external world, the more we realise we are simply seeking to better ourselves continuously through the prism of our wants.

Your wants and desires are brilliantly orchestrated to elevate your consciousness.

Raise your game and take yourself to a whole new level.

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