Will you walk with me?

“Why can’t you see the world the same way I do?”

Maybe we’re not meant to

Maybe I’m here to mirror your extremity
And you’re here to mirror mine

What if You and Me dropped our flags
of self righteous beliefs

What if in our all knowing wisdom,
we realise…
we do not actually know very much at all.

What if we’re being influenced by an ever elusive archetype
One that is determined to separate
One that pampers our egoic nature
Whispering in its ear:
Be offended
Feel attacked
Be the eternal victim…

So we can see each other,
as the eternal perpetrator

What if instead of religiously holding onto our ideas,
we realise we aren’t as attached to them as we thought

What if we ever had truly talked or listened to one another…
We may not have anything to fight about at all

What if we realise that the real reason we fight is because…

We secretly enjoy it

It makes us feel ‘empowered’

Yet at what expense?

I no longer want you to feel less,
so I can feel more.

I no longer want you to feel ashamed,
So I can feel Superior

Are you not tired of the fight?
I am.

What if being a warrior isn’t about fighting against something.

What if it’s about standing up For something?…

A newly emerging vulnerable energy that has no one to protect it.

One that is being continually battered by our battles with one another

One that offers innocence with its new roots,
yet we trample with ‘our knowledge’

One – however – that refuses to wilt.

One that keeps rebirthing until those who can step forward to guard it, will.

What if we put down our arms..

Not out of defeat or surrender

Out of Courage & Vulnerability

Out of our desire to show that Peace isn’t a naive path

It isn’t for those who are not participating in life
Quite the opposite

It’s for those who choose to engage and have the difficult conversations

First with themselves
With their own beliefs
With their shadows

Then with their so called enemies

It is a path for true warriors of the heart
Those who choose to protect & nurture this birthing energy onto the planet.

I know walking this new trail won’t be easy,
Yet will be infinitely rewarding…

Will you walk with me?

Vaz Sriharan

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