World Changes

The world is moving through immense, necessary, changes. It is only by purging these polarised ideas can we finally let go of their grip upon humanity’s consciousness. You will undoubtedly find yourself being pulled into all kinds of directions of what to believe. This is a just a reminder that your reality always belongs to You.

Each morning you get to decide what kind of day you wish to lead. You also decide how you will see the world.

It is You and only You that decides what is true for You.

It is You that gets to decide what to addto your Belief System,.

It is You that decides what to take awayfrom your Belief System.

It is only You that gets to challengeyour own Belief System.

It is You that decides to get triggered by the Belief Systems of others.

I share this to remind something that is always lost during times of polarity battles….Empowerment.

You are always empowered to make your own choices even when it seems like you cannot. Even when it seems like there are so many who see the world different to you.

When you decide to own your own reality, it truly belongs to you and you do not need others to share how you see it. You do not need others to be like you.

Each day then becomes a further discovery of what is truly calling You, rather than what is calling Them.

What is calling Your Soul to evolve, expand, discover…

My whole journey has been one of becoming deeply embroiled in collective belief systems and then climbing my way out of them!

Each time I never saw myself as being immersed in something that didn’t serve me. Each time, the Universe showed me that true humility is to question everything…including what I dearly hold onto.

This is why today I advocate a message of questioning everything. Especially the beliefs we so strongly believe in, the ones we get triggered by when others believe an opposite idea. The ones ones that deep down we know feel dense, heavy.

Because the battles between ‘sides’ are draining, exhausting and truly, we are only having them with ourselves.

The journey towards Empowerment is an Individual journey.

Choosing a path that navigates through the minefield of polarised beliefs pulling us this way and that.

This forges strength within and soon you feel empowered enough to stand still in a storm that gusts around you –

Here, trusting the storm and trusting your place in it.

It is only in this place can we truly hear the Voice of Spirit, our Spirit, whispering us the directions for us individually to go.

Because here we are honouring our own path, while not being pulled by the path of others.

It is here where we all meet, once again.

And walk a new direction,
unmapped and uncharted
into a New Story that serves all

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