The Great Shift

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been anticipating the Great Shift in tangible form.

It’s here. It’s happening.

I am taken aback with the amount of people seeking support right now.

In a way it’s no surprise. These times are the perfect ingredients for Awakening.

Yet as you well know Awakening is no picnic. Especially when you have no idea what your shadow even is, or why the emotions emerge as they do.

I always thought I had to be ‘ready’ to help others. Or maybe I had to be absolutely healed (whatever that is). And so I waited. And waited.

Till I realised the Universe doesn’t come down and plant a sign in front of us saying, “Hey, it’s Time to Act”.

We don’t receive certification from the Universe to say “Ok, now you are permitted to serve”.

That part is upto us.

Yet it takes courage and self belief to do this, which isn’t easy for those more sensitively inclined. This is why my main drive is to act as an ambassador of that message for those who, like me, were waiting for a sign to move.

This is your sign.

To serve doesn’t need to come from a place of complete empowerment.

I know of no healer, facilitator or speaker that is completely healed. We are all healing ourselves, like all others.

The difference is that one has chosen to additionally support others while they are on their own healing journey.

Every person that embraces their inner drive to want to participate and help others – has the potential to help hundreds, thousands.

I have a deep connection to the word Service.

Service is an idea that we are responsible not just for ourselves but for those around us.

That circle may be our friends and family. That’s beautiful in itself.

For others it’s wider and reaches strangers.

That’s beautiful too as there are many that need people beyond their family network.

When we focus on Service we recognise that: Ok, I may not feel up to it, or ready, but this is beyond me.

This is about something Bigger than me.

This is about me serving an Idea. It’s about me recognising the sacred potential I have of anchoring a new consciousness into the earth – through actively supporting others.

What I found powerful was when I was deep in my own depression and I participated in service related endeavours; I felt uplifted and nourished. The very act was deeply healing for myself.

Right now we need all those who feel stirred by these words to move deeper into service.

What can this look like?

It may be strengthening communication with family / friends.
Reaching out.
This may well be enough for many and is incredibly powerful.

If you are feeling to stretch further to touch the lives of strangers – then if ever there was a time that needs that… It is Now.

The Shift will keep accelerating as so many are awakening. There are never enough people to hold space, to serve for others.

We need as many as possible to embrace their potential and help those in need. Stretch until you touch another with your vibration of support.

We may all be isolated right now but this is actually a monumentally perfect time to cultivate this incredible power we all have.

It is also a fantastic time to: Learn. To Discover how you can Serve. To be Supported. To Co-Create. To Reach Out even Further…

We have recently evolved our Lightworker training even further as more and more come through. It is now an 8 month online interactive program called Trailblazer Academy.

It’s designed to fit around your own life yet in a way so you are held throughout with high vibrational support. There are incredible souls coming through! Click here:

(If you are struggling, in the coming weeks & months I will be showcasing beautiful souls from my training program who will be sharing their gifts in a multitude of ways. Stay tuned)

Wishing you many blessings with your life, path & journey


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