I’m a big believer in our lifestyle taking priority. We want happy, fulfilled lives that create space for the things we love: perhaps spiritual connection, peace, nature, fun, connection with others, creativity exploration…A lifestyle devoid of what makes us happy is counterintuitive to why we actually work.

If our purpose is fulfilment and happiness then we need to also embody it, rather than hope it will come later – when we have X amount of money or X amount of free time.

The key I have always found is that Movement helps me in all areas.

When I stall in my life and my work, I notice everything is affected. The desire for ‘time out’ increases yet I cannot truly appreciate it because the act of stalling has created a heaviness.
When I am in movement, by which I mean – moving through my fears, my comfort zones, into my soul’s dreams; everything flourishes.

Yet that movement needn’t be Fast.

Movement also includes Stillness. There is a difference between stalling and stillness.

Stillness is still a movement too, towards the Self or Spirit.

Here any ‘time out’ we take, is still benefitting from the energy flow of that movement – where the time out is in harmony with all that we do.

A gentle movement forward always reaps us rewards in the short and long term. It helps us not be sucked into the seductive downward spiral of resistance & distraction. Most often I find, this path can quickly lead to depressive states.

Movement literally moves energy out of our reality, so new ideas, opportunities & experiences may enter.

It is essentially a dance with the Universe & our Soul.

Here we allow the movement to continually unveil ourselves from our hiding places, as we continually move forwards and gently upwards – towards where our Soul is leading us.

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