What Question Aligns you with the Universe?

There is a question that has continually ushered in endless growth cycles for me.

How Can I Serve?

When we ask this question, we are asking with the awareness that Who We Are, our Self, is interconnected to all others.

To Life itself.

To All That Is.

How can I serve relates to your Soul Purpose(s), the Collective Purpose, all those around you In society we are usually programmed to ask, What do I want?

Sure this can be a good question yet it can lead to our Ego/Desires running rampage. The Ego doesn’t take into account what is required beyond it’s present desires.

It doesn’t want to.

It is purely focused on the desire itself;and what allows it to feel good.

When we ask the question, How can I serve? we open up to the awareness that Growth, Development is part of our learning experience.

Here, an experience that may seem challenging – actually serves us in the long run.

How can I serve is intricately connected to the long term happiness of ourselves & all others.

For a long time, I lived from the first question: What do I want? While this gave me initial joys, it was always temporary and it always had repercussions. It ensured that I stayed away from anything that challenged my comfort zones.

I mean why would I want that?!

So my growth stagnated.

I lived a life of contentment that didn’t allow me to experience the true joys of my Soul.

Which of course involved Stretching.

My Soul was always stretching, yearning for beyond the limiting ideas of what I said were possible.

When we ask How can I serve? – we also open up to What Serves all.

Because the two are intricately connected. Right now on the planet, specifically in the West, we are moving from an individualised focus to a group one.

This has been powerfully brought onto the scene with the virus.It has forced us to think collectively. While there are birthing pains with this, it is taking each soul into the arena where they are now being asked to think not just of themselves but of the whole. How this plays out for each person is their own journey.

Yet it signifies something far deeper.

To be of Service is to understand that you are here to serve many things..

Your Soul Purpose and the people you have sacred contracts with. It is here that our decisions actually become far easier. When I used to just ask what do I want? – the path was incredibly narrow.

Because it didn’t need to involve others and was so focused on just my needs.

Here I was cut off from the true endless arena of possibilities, both for myself and others.

How can I serve? takes us into a place where we understand that we have a responsibility, a duty, a collective accountability to…our own soul purpose.

Your Soul Purpose has many facets and it is a fundamental ribbon that flows through your life.

Here, it gives You purpose, yes.

Yet it is also designed to give purpose to Us.

To All.

It is designed to blend with the collective to raise the octave of the collective orchestra – Evolution. This may involve how we look after others.

Whether we are being asked to step up in our own lives.

Perhaps with friends and family.

Those in need….even if we are also in need.

It moves us out of a static space, where we can become sucked into a self focused (in many cases obsessed) spiral.

I know this intimately during my depression where I was so self focused as I felt:

I can barely focus on myself, how on earth can I possibly think of others?

Yet it was when I began to venture outwards and help others that I began to truly change. I opened up to possibilities that simply were not possible before. I also began to awaken gifts, abilities, personality traits that could only be activated through the act of service. Service, serves us in return. And yet, sure we may begin with the intent of doing it to receive.

Yet the true purity of service is not needing to receive anything at all.

Here, we know just by being who we are, by stretching who we are, by reaching out to support others with who we are – serves all. Knowing that our actions are changing the lives of others.

In a time like this, we need this more than ever.

How can you serve?

It can be in any possible way.

It may initially feel like effort.

We do it regardless.

Initially it may feel like a weight,

the weight of being responsible.

We do it regardless.

Because we aren’t asking, what do I want….We are asking How can I serve?

And that question will always, always, always serve your most optimum level of being.

It in most cases wants us to be liberated from the shackles of our comfort zones so it will take us out of them. Yet it has one goal – the Service of all. How can you serve?

Who can you serve?

…Will you serve?

See what happens when you continually ask your Soul this question…and see what arises….


I am calling another group of souls to be of service through our Trailblazer Academy. Join and move collectively into service and embody what your Soul, the Universe, the Collective is calling for you to serve…Enrolment ends 1st March:

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