One of the greatest trainings you have as representatives of a higher consciousness, is to learn how to stand still when there is chaos around.

To find peace in the face of adversity.
To offer safe harbour in the seemingly stormy seas.
And all of this is taught through your life experiences.

Many of you have chosen intense life experiences.

You have plunged into the depths of your own soul and reached up to the heights of your own possibility, for your own evolution yes. Yet also to accumulate the wealth of wisdom, compassion and experience to understand / support others.

Every single experience you have teaches you how to endure and cope with the mental, emotional & spiritual landscape.

And so your own individual experiences have been teaching you how to find calm within your own turmoil.
How to find peace within your own struggles.
How to find joy when things do not make sense and hope is lost.

As you have been learning this for yourself, you have simultaneously become greatly skilled & adept in remaining calm when mass consciousness drops into these bands of fear.

Here, you provide a key reference point for humanity to gravitate towards.

Your voice will often feel solitary.
Because you are not meeting the status quo.
This isn’t why you came here beloved.

You came to speak through the illusions and noise of fear, limitation, suffering, despair.

A gentle voice that need not shout to be heard.

It remains knowing in its Knowing.

That all things are unfolding as they are meant to. And whatever is being experienced is temporary.

Use your life experience and wisdom to return to your core.

Your natural state of being, your presence, will always remind you who you are. And help you emit this frequency to others –
So they can once again return to their core and remember who they are.

Messages from Above ~ Vaz Sriharan

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