Is it my Resistance or my Intuition?

How many times have you had a desire to do something, go somewhere, and then the initial desire becomes mirred with self doubt, worry, concern.

We start to backtrack from the initial desire and wonder…is it my intuition telling me not to do this or my resistance? 

We all have elements of this within.  

A paradox. 

A desire to move forward, matched with a desire to stay still.

A desire to expand, and a desire to hold back.

A desire to be more, and a desire to feel less. 

If there’s one thing I see is that the more transformation that is possible, the greater the fear.

And you may think, well that makes sense – it’s transformation!

Yet when we break it down its actually quite illogical. 

The desires say, “I don’t like where I am and I want more”.
Or “I want to experience more”.

The fears say, “Good luck, what can you do? We’re stuck here”.

We are then presented with what we have been asking…More.

Opportunities that offer us a way out, a way forward, a way upwards. 

The fears then shift their stance and say, “Hold up! I like where I am. I don’t know if I am ready for what I want! Let’s go back to what is familiar!” 

And soon enough, the desires of what we have been seeking get lost in an ocean of self doubt.

We then find theories or other belief systems to support our withdrawal from the very thing we wanted in the first place. 

The Soul will speak softly.

Your fears will shout loudly.

So how do you do know the difference? 

Intuition is never crystal clear and each person and each situation is always unique. The best way I have found is to: Experiment

If we are unwilling to experiment & delve into an initial desire, then something has come in the way and blocked us.

Similarly, if we are presented with an opportunity which we know on some level could benefit us, our work, our purpose, our expansion…then the real question is Why wouldn’t we explore it?

We need to take responsibility for our Soul’s desires 

Because if we don’t,
Who will? 

Your Soul is seeking to Expand, continuously and this will inevitably mean moving towards uncomfortable experiences to challenge – stretching you out ofyour comfort zone and into a new arena of experience.

Think back on all the most powerful and transformational experiences you have had. These are always interlaced with a wide range of emotions, excitements, fears, which contribute towards that transformation.

In fact, can we even transform without meeting the edge of our comfort zone and experimenting with stepping through it?

Procrastination is a tool we use that allows us to resist what the Soul is seeking. Essentially it says: Why now? Let’s do it later. Here our prerogative is to flip that and say Why later? Can we do it Now.

What if it doesn’t resonate?

This is where it gets interesting. Often we will use the phrase, “it doesn’t resonate” and we will steer clear of it.

Throughout my life, most of the times I’ve said this with incredible conviction for so many areas in my life. Looking back, I can see how much I was actually resisting the transformation that came with it.

With my Lightwork, I had it with Money, Marketing, Social Media, Showing Up, Talking about myself in an empowering way….

I had all of the reasons why those things didn’t resonate. I had attracted many ideas and explanations of why it was a negative thing (for me and others). This helped strengthen my conviction. I also attracted people who held similar beliefs. We reinforced each others (Watch this video about unconscious agreements:

With my life, it also affected my Relationships….with my view of myself.

However, as the Universe likes to do, I was schooled in the University of Life to show just how much I had polarised…and most importantly how much I was missing out.

The stronger the opinion, the more we need to be aware of its influence.

Strong opinions are wonderful in allowing us to be passionate about something.

However strong opinions also have a shadow side. They can often be formed for reasons of self defence or for means of shadow projection. They allow us to feel safe by creating a strong belief (wall) against an experience that may make us feel vulnerable.

If we are not ready to explore that we can resist it and naturally we will form ideas and belief systems to back this up.

There is nothing wrong with this and often it is really needed during our life experience because of what we have previously experiences (trauma, self criticism, unworthiness).

However…after a while our Soul recognises the weight of any limitation and wants to break free.

To truly understand what resonates, we need to move into a space of having open flexible ideas. In other words, our strong opinions will only create biased experiences of it. We have to surrender our strong ideas and attempt to experience it with a neutral standpoint.

Letting go of the programming we have around.

Then we experiment, explore and experience it (if we wish to of course). If it didnt work for us, do we evolve our relationship with it again, to adapt and learn? Do we let it go? These are all continuous explorations for each person to decide.

Without experimentation, how do we really know what any experience means to us? What it can provide for us?

Does this mean we move towards everything that doesn’t resonate?

This is also an extreme and there are many areas that do not even register as wanting to experience.

However whenever we are caught in that dilemma of Is it my intuition or is it my resistance, then we know that we are attracted to something about it, or we wouldnt even have that dilemma.

We have to also ask ourselves important questions….Do I have any history with resisting what is good for me? Am I naturally inclined to move towards stepping out of my comfort zones?

If the answer is Yes to the first and No to the second then we need to be honest with ourselves that we could not possibly know if we are resisting or not. And more likely than not, we may be repeating an unconscious pattern.

It is the areas that we find ourselves surrounded by (usually) and that seem to be asking for exploration that are the ones we can then ask:

Can I allow my Soul the opportunity to experience this….If there is even the smallest chance of growth, expansion, learning about ourselves then this is just another opportunity for us to explore.

Embrace the Opportunities in your Life. Spread your wings and try

To Fly!

All of my transformations have occurred by allowing myself to challenge my own strong ideas. This is why I am so passionate about sharing this with others.

If there is one thing I have learned, is that limitation is the greatest source of suffering and contentment. We truly do not know who we are until we experiment and try.

Here we shift our focus from doing what is comfortable and actively seek out the uncomfortable experiences – because we know this is where the real transformation lays.

Life is here to be Experienced and the Greater the Transformation, the Greater the Expansion. 

Choose Life

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