The Invitation

Whenever we’re faced with something we didn’t expect or do not understand, we can either fight it, resist it, fear it…or adapt to embrace it as an opportunity for growth.

This past year leading upto the equinox has been a continual offering of choice by this new world that is beckoning each of us.

We each have a choice.

Do we continually feel threatened when the rug is pulled from under (our expectations)?

Do we continually seek a perceived enemy because we feel threatened?

Do we continually feel at the whim of a seemingly uncaring universe, where we’re thrown about by chaos?

Or do we say:

I don’t understand what is happening, yet I allow myself to trust that it is serving me and all others.

I trust without even knowing if I fully trust.

I allow my faith to build my trust

I allow my trust to build my faith.

I have faith that I can handle this, or it wouldn’t be presented to me

I only experience what serves me I will adapt, evolve and elevate every experience to serve me

Everything is an opportunity for expansion.

I embrace all challenges as more opportunities to Elevate. The Universe deeply cares about me and every single being.

I am being taken towards every experience that serves my greater transformation

We are each surrendering victim consciousness on the cellular level and embracing true power. This power is Source itself. It is natural faith, love, kindness, life-force that is alive, thriving, moving, adapting, evolving.

Here it is about moving away from needing to blame…anyone or anything.

It is about Meeting Reality with an evolved perception of Love.

This shift in perception is incredibly powerful. It is what liberates each soul into the flow state of reality.

We tap into something far richer – hearing the mystical messages and sounds of Spirit whispering just beneath the surface.

Calling each of us to Surrender…

What is happening in your life?

What do you think is happening in the world?

Take a breath in and remember

In this moment, there is no one way of looking at anything.

You are walking through a gateway.

A monumental opportunity to leave behind aeons worth of limiting ideas, beliefs, ways of being.

That call for healing, transformation, elevation which your soul is seeking – has already been answered.

Now is the time to accept the invitation. To truly accept this new frequency and way of being that is calling you, is a continual invitation of the new – along with a continual surrendering of the old. This is an individual journey.

No one is doing this for you.

No one knows what you need, better than you.

No one can speak for you

No one can tell you what to do

Only you can choose to make this step forward This isn’t to make you feel alone. It is to highlight that it is always you that will create the change in your life…by embracing change yourself.

A reminder again that while we are all walking Home together…

…we are also all individually deciding if we want to take the invitation.

You are not the same person who started reading this.

You are always changing

You are Change itself.

You are now remembering this

Let’s see where the invitation takes us…..

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