How do we make Aligned Choices?

Making choices that serve your life may seem easy.
Yet to make the ones that really elevate, uplift and align with your higher purpose and benefit is not so easy.

We are often conditioned in modern spirituality to choose the “easier” path.
I believed this so much that I spent years only choosing options that seemed effortless.
I steered well away from anything that felt difficult (challenging) and interpreted this difference as:

If it felt easy then it resonated

If it was hard then it didn’t resonate

Yet it led to even more suffering as I experienced a system wide reality of lack.
My soul wasn’t able to grow and flourish or attract the things I knew I wanted – as I wasn’t able to make choices that allowed me to enter those paths.

So I had to redefine “what resonates” and my understanding of “easy” and “hard”.

The harder choices usually are the ones that are difficult to make yet are infinitely rewarding. These choices are the difference between stagnating in an experience that you don’t like, no longer need – into ones that are going to take you into higher states of reality.

Whenever you choose a path that elevates you, it involves taking yourself out of a situation that is on some level – limiting you.
That current situation is serving an older idea of who you are.
Yet it likes to have a good sturdy grip on that reality.

Think back on the times where you have grown the most.
Transformed the most. Opened your heart the most.
Become more than you were.
Whether it be trying a new project or training, opening your heart in a relationship, walking into a workshop without knowing anyone, changing the path of your career.

These choices from an external perspective of course lead to incredibly beneficial results.

Yet are they easy?

Creating a change for your life purpose means facing the fear of it not working out, of doing something different, of failing
Opening your heart involves being vulnerable, fear of being hurt, taking down your guards…

To make these choices take courage.
Yet they have make the impossible into possible.

They make dreams into reality.

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