Growth happens when you’re looking the other way

“The most important spiritual growth doesn’t happen when you’re meditating or sitting on a yoga mat. It happens in the midst of conflict. When you’re frustrated, angry, scared, triggered.”

I saw this as a meme last week and it’s a great summary of a powerful theme. Spiritual practice, nature, exercise is so important in strengthening our connection.

Yet the depth of liberating soul growth occurs when our life is out of our hands.

When things don’t go to plan.

When we are ‘forced’ to change our ideas about our reality, others, ourselves.

When we have to re-examine ourselves & who we are. If we can use those experiences as opportunities to elevate, we have accomplished something that just the happy moments are unable to provide.

We all have challenging experiences all the time. This is part of life.

I used to think the ‘more spiritual’ I got, the more I’d be happy all the time.

That there’d only be ups in life.

What’s happened is that I’ve actually become more peaceful than ‘happy all the time’. I’ve learned and am still learning to be at peace with all of my experiences of: the ups and the downs. The Universe has taught me not to reject what life is. Rather to meet it with a more evolved wisdom.

One that includes everything. It’s the tough experiences.

The ones that make us squirm.

Trigger unwanted emotions out of us into the light.

Stir childhood patterns that we thought we’d moved far beyond… It’s these experiences that enrich us if we dare to own them. If we dare to believe that they are somehow serving us.

If we dare to consciously move our reactionary response to the heart- and ask:

How is this experience teaching me?

What am I learning from it?

How can I see this a different way that serves me to grow into the person I wish to become?

How can I allow these emotions to be consciously channeled out?

How can I change the way I respond to this situation to break the cycle…?

Your struggles are your teachers.

They are the key holders of new gateways of wisdom, love, awareness.

They Awaken more of You through Initiation.

They liberate you from unknown layers of limitation.

The uncomfortable feeling is more a sign of the Old clinging on, while the New is birthing.

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