The Quiet Ones

I have found the ones who question themselves the most – and read this as self criticism – are the ones who actually have a healthy relationship with their ego.

The ones who hide in the shadows with their real thoughts and feelings – who perhaps carry the most important messages of all.

The ones who have stepped back from distinctive ideologies and labels – are the ones taking their power back from group thinking.

The ones who don’t want to have a worldview vilifying others – are the ones meeting and making peace with their inner villains.

The ones who feel lost and have repetitive identity crises – are the ones continually walking through the fire of self initiation.

The ones who fear being egoic, for using their power and influence in any negative way – are the ones exploring a new way of being empowered.

The ones who resonate with all this above yet do not wish to feel superior to any other – are the ones who are exploring unity on extraordinary levels.

This is a message to the ones in the background.
The ones who are quiet.

I hear you.

Your messages are received powerfully on the soul planes.
It creates endless ripples of possibility, potential and hope.
It’s what keeps me inspired to believing we are co-creating a beautiful new world.

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