Loneliness vs Solitude

There is a difference between Loneliness and Solitude. This is an especially important theme right now with what has been happening since the pandemic began. 

For most of my childhood, adolescence and early 20’s I felt deeply alone. This was the time of my depression and I continuously sought connection. Every moment was agonising as a reminder of my loneliness.

Even though I am out of that state, my heart will forever be connected to those who feel alone too.

The greatest shift happened for me when I shifted from feeling lonely to Owning the experience.

What if it becomes Solitude?

Solitude is a state of being where we choose to be alone.

Essentially it is the same scenario as loneliness – we are on our own. Yet there is a mammoth, life altering difference. 

By choosing to be on our own or recognising that on some deeper level we have chosen to be on our own – we reclaim our reality. Our power. Ultimately our happiness.

Loneliness can become an obsession with what the experience is lacking.

Solitude is about diving into the experience itself. 

Allowing it to be the storehouse of untold treasures.

It is here that we begin to consciously honour the space.

When we Consciously honour anything, we give it Intention. 

This is an Initiation that ignites a powerful spiritual healing process.

In this case, it allows the Aloneness to do what it is trying to do: surface what needs to arise.

Emotions. Thoughts. Patterns. Behaviours. 

Begin a deeper – more conscious – Journey Within.

Solitude isn’t meant to be an easy experience.

Millions of spiritual seekers use this process to deep dive within, knowing it will be a difficult process.

It is an irony that later in my life I would actively seek out periods of Solitude for days, weeks, months to reconnect. To lose myself. Find myself. Lose myself again.

When we consciously face our time alone, we are faced with dealing with the process of what is really happening. Now.

It is here we begin a new journey with the same experience.

It is here we reflect a very different energy to the world and thus attract things we never expected.

It is here Everything Changes..


In hindsight, I have realised that every time I thought I was alone, I never truly was. We all meet on the inner planes sharing something very intimate. A place where we are so close to one another with our similar shared feelings – yet due to our perceptions, believe we are an infinity apart. This is one of the most wonderful discoveries of Solitude for me:

When I am alone, I meet You.

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