My whole Life I have been running on some level or another.
Running from my problems
Running towards quick fixes
Running from responsibility
Running towards daydreams
Running from my self
Running towards others

Today I am on a journey of Meeting…

The uncharted terrain of my Soul. My personality. This human being.

I look back and see I have mostly been running from things that weren’t chasing me.

Yet without the running, I would not understand what it means to be still.
I would not understand that the very things I sought & ran after, were right here.

Today I question whenever I feel the impulse to run.

It takes courage to shift towards Meeting our Reality.
Here Time slows down.
We are not at the whim of the moving super highway of mass consciousness.
We are playing to our own tune.

It’s here we find there has been someone patiently waiting to have a conversation & share their miraculous wisdom, insights, compassion.

Our glorious and unmasked Self.

2 responses to “Running”

  1. Dear Vaz, I am moved by your writings in general, especially certain meditations and prayers that have impacted my life. I’m a long-time searcher and spiritual explorer. When I accidentally (synchronistically ?) came across your offerings a few .weeks ago, I felt an immediate connection that seemed to cause a quantum response in my own work. Thank you for these lovely observations of Running. They truly resonate with me today. Namaste..

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