Reality of Relationships

Adya and I are delving deeper into healing core themes around relationships…
I used to have a very polarised view of relationships. It was either perfected fairytale bliss when I viewed others. Or it was dysfunctional when I had my own!
How did others find it so easy when mine brought up so much?

I could say it’s due to societal programming or everyone posting perfect relationship photos. Yet truthfully, this idea also served me well. Making it much easier to pull away if relationships didn’t meet my expectations.

I’ve found the reality is far different yet infinitely more rewarding.

For Adya and I, our first year was incredibly beautiful meeting on whole new levels. It was mega challenging too. Every time the fairytale image bubble was built up, it was equally popped. We began to feel all of our childhood wounds – reflected & triggered by the other.

We are usually taught that the first 6 months – 1 year is the honeymoon period. Traditionally perhaps. Yet I’ve found whenever we have an intention to consciously connect, the desire to be open creates a space of vulnerability immediately.

In other words, shit hits the fan from the beginning as opposed to later on!

Everything is being challenged and broken down. Our projections and assumptions. Our expectations and masks. It is an incredibly confusing time.

Here we are invited to learn a new language…How to truly communicate with another being….A space of incredible healing.

Then it seems the healing never ends!
It doesn’t. Yet the intensity shifts. Challenges become opportunities to learn more of that language. Authentic connection opens up such a new depth of relating. We’re in our 6th year now yet we know we are always at the beginning of this relationship journey…

I no longer believe in perfect relationships, nor do I want to. Relationships are messy because we are messy. Our emotions. Our true selves. Our human raw nature.

Each relationship is unique. I don’t feel there is a magic formula nor that anyone ever gets to a ‘perfect’ place…Yet relationships are all the richer for being free of these ideals.

For me, it’s a continual meeting of two strange beings who have come together to meet one another’s weirdness.

That in itself is a sacred weird wonderful journey.

Delve deeper with us through our upcoming healing work around relationships:

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