4 Gateways of Soul Liberation

This guided spiritual meditation takes you on a journey through 4 phases of Liberation. If you are experiencing any form of stress, struggle, anxiety, depression, dark night of the soul, difficult/challenging experience – this journey is designed to support you in Surrendering to Source. Or simply if you want to move deeper into Surrender with the Divine 🙂

One of the most challenging aspects of our journey is to know how to Release, how to Receive, how to Accept ourselves. Each of the gateways offers a way to move through, offering a different form of liberation for your Soul each step. Allow yourself to be taken on this voyage back to who you truly are.

Blessings on your journey,

Meditation by Vaz Sriharan

2 responses to “4 Gateways of Soul Liberation”

  1. Thank you, Vaz, for the exquisite 4 Gateways meditation. I experience healings during and after your Morning Prayer sometimes, but today was exceptional. I don’t know why your particular creations resonate so perfectly but I’m eternally grateful. The quietly intense power of your voice allows me – even directs me – to surrender and receive downloads easier than ever before in my life. I am a Reiki Master and ordained minister, musician, and writer – and emerging healer. You are very gifted and blessed, my friend. This morning’s healing, for an injured acquaintance, was particularly vivid and so appreciated. Your work inspires and motivates me; it seems to have opened a door that was just waiting for a knock! Bless you.

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    • Thank you for your beautiful message! Amazing to hear your experiences and how much you resonate to this one and others 🙏🏽 I’m honoured to support your journey in any way. Wonderful array of gifts you have! Blessings


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