Whenever people ask me how I emerged from 15 years of depression I notice I often give a different story or different thing that healed me.

The truth is no one thing healed me but a combination of them all, via overcrowding.

For a long time I thought I was focusing on my self development and yet immensely disappointed with the results. I’d bounce between various books and courses and whilst they gave me insight, they didn’t release me from certain states of being.

I thought maybe I need to commit to just one thing.

Yet I’d always give up.

The truth is we’re multidimensional and multi faceted.

When I surrendered to healing every day, every week, I flooded my being with the very frequency it desperately needed. During it, I certainly had mini breakthroughs – yet the major one came as the energy was being built up behind the scenes.

This is Overcrowding.

Overcrowding floods negative energies, limiting beliefs and patterns with system positive transformation. Via a deep dive with our healing.

Overcrowding obliterates the resistance wall which we often bounce against preventing a breakthrough in a particular area.

Whenever I engage in multiple forms of healing, growth, reading, workshops, development – at once – I know a breakthrough (upgrade) is coming.

It is inevitable.


(From Instagram)

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