Pleiades – Soul Awakening Sessions

The Pleiades star system, also known as the Seven Sisters, is home to the Pleiadian civilisation ~ Earth’s Cousins in the Stars. Indigenous peoples throughout time have spoken of direct contact with the Pleiadians and they have been deeply invested in Humanity’s journey. Pleiadians have a profoundly loving presence and have worked through integrating their Light and Dark in a unique way. We will work with this system to awaken this cosmic knowledge within you as well as open to the available energetic frequencies for this transmission.

Purpose of these Soul Awakening Sessions

This series is for souls who are seeking to deepen their Awakening path and integrate more of the Ascension energies entering the planet. These journeys are also designed to awaken more of your ancient soul memories with each of these guides and civilisations. The aim of these sessions are to expand consciousness, which will be taken into your life to enhance specific areas of being. We will always be working to integrate and embody the energies for real world use.

(Artwork by Adya Nova)

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