Thymus Chakra (Higher Heart)

What is the Thymus Chakra?

The Thymus Chakra is one of the transpersonal chakras, located around the Thymus gland, responsible for the Immune System. The Thymus (or Higher Heart) is known as the seat of the soul and is the gateway for Divine Love, Spiritual Connection to Source.

The Higher heart is also known as the multidimensional doorway between your lives, allowing for the transmission of knowledge, wisdom, support from your various lifetimes. 

The Thymus & Your Immune System

The thymus is an endocrine gland that is responsible for creating T cells, helping to protect your body from pathogens. 

It is especially relevant right now as it is being activated on a deeper level for more significant spiritual reasons related to planetary awakening.

The Thymus is seen as the bridge between your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra. The higher Heart is said to be the gateway for your Soul Purpose. A bridge to the Dream World. 

Higher Truth & Higher Will

This chakra is responsible for your higher truth and how you choose to live your life. Your personal truth is connected with your Throat Chakra, yet the Thymus connects to your Higher Truth ~ this is the Truth that your Soul is deeply familiar with. A kind of soul code that has been developed over aeons as well as being intimately connected to your Path. Hence Higher Purpose…

Higher Purpose

The Thymus enables you to live more in harmony with the divine purpose that Spirit has set out for you. This involves your potential for your path and how it allows the Real You to emerge.

There is a deeper part of you that is beyond the Human Personality. It can be said to be your Soul Personality, yet it also fluctuates. The so-called Real You is the one behind the masks and with many of the keys that will liberate you into embodying your higher purpose. Your Soul will always yearn to allow this Real You to emerge into the world and your Thymus is key in allowing the Soul version of you to emerge.

Your Higher Purpose reflects why you have come to the planet and also what your Soul is yearning to do now, in this moment.

Your path has many possibilities and the higher octaves of your path involve you resonating higher octaves of your being. In other words, if you choose to embrace your higher path, you are also choosing a higher vibration and identity for who you are.

This inevitably leads to a more empowered, centred version of yourself.

Self Respect

When you activate the higher heart, you are additionally saying, “I respect myself”.

I respect who I am and I respect my deeper Soul’s calling for me to embody, more of who I truly am.

This is why those who activate the Thymus begin a process of respecting themselves much deeper and moving away from ideas such as people pleasing, being too allowing, being quiet to keep everyone happy. The Thymus knows that ones personal happiness is interconnected to everyone else’s and utilises the Solar Plexus to Express oneself.

Higher Love

There is a reason the Thymus is between the Throat and the Heart Chakra, bridging both energies and also capitalising upon both.

For those on the spiritual path or spiritually curious / awakening, the transpersonal chakras play a large role in the next stage of expanding the energy body and accessing your multidimensional self. The Thymus Chakra reflects this as being a portal to your Higher Consciousness in terms of expanding your capacity for Love and accessing more of your deeper Soul’s desire to express who you truly are (or are becoming).

Therefore the Thymus is a portal for Higher Love – and this is enabled by you loving yourself, your path, your truth, your purpose, your reality.

Higher Perspective

The Higher Heart also assists you in seeing reality from a higher perspective. When things occur in our lives that we do not understand, we have a choice. We can see it as out of our control and threatening. We can see it as meaningless chaos. Or we can see it as part of a grander design.

The Thymus supports your shifting awareness to understand more of reality from the mountain top perspective rather than down in the valley where your view is hampered.

In other words, during difficult times in your life, as you train and develop your higher perspective into your reality, you simultaneously nurture the awakening of your Thymus.

This is specifically true when there are worldwide events that seem to threaten our notion of reality, leading us to believe we are unsafe. The Thymus assures us that if we can surrender control of what we can understand, we can trust that something else is occurring that will serve all.

An Exercise to Tune into your Thymus Chakra

  • Have your palms open
  • Then rub them together (to create fresh Chi energy)
  • Take two fingers from one hand and rub the tips of your fingers in the palm of the other hand (to cleanse your fingertip chakras with Chi)
  • Take these two fingers now and gently tub your thymus Chakra
  • This allows it to subtly open and be felt
  • Now gently tap your Thymus and place an Intention by repeating the following:
  • “I activate my Higher Purpose. My Higher Truth. My Higher Will. My Higher Heart”
  • You may receive a feeling or vision about what you are doing. Or it may come in time. Trust that you are communicating with a higher aspect of yourself and more will be revealed….


Thymus Chakra Attunement

If you would like to have a much deeper experience & Attune your Thymus chakra (open and activate it) through a multidimensional session, click below for the Thymus Chakra Attunement


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