Resistance to Flow

I used to think being in flow meant everything is happening perfectly in your life. I watched others who I admired and thought their life is spiritually perfect. 

They are moving from one magical moment to another. I saw them as living in perpetual harmony with the Divine. 

Many knocks by the Universe later, I realised that life is not a Disney movie. Life, here, is meant to be a fluctuation of dualistic experiences, of up and down. 

Yet instead of trying to experience just the ups…it’s just as important, if not more, to appreciate the downs. 

I thought I was already doing this with my past, by seeing the positive benefits of my so called negative experiences.

Yet I wasn’t doing it with my present.

When we experience something we do not like in our life, we have a choice. 

We can say “I wish this wasn’t happening”

Or we can say 

“How can I take this experience and learn from it. 
Improve upon it. 
Elevate from it”

When things in our life don’t go to plan, we often feel like something is wrong. 
Perhaps we have done something wrong. 
Perhaps we are not in flow.

This is the paradox of flow. 

When we believe we are not in flow, we will experience not being in flow.

We see our world as being out of rhythm. With our path, purpose and destiny.

The beautiful thing about being in flow is that it paradoxically involves meeting our resistance.

What is Resistance?

Resistance can be said to be a collection of fears, doubts representing the old version of us that has become all too familiar with our current – yet limiting – nature of reality.

However much we may not like what is currently happening to us, it has made us feel safe. We usually develop a nice little cocoon to sit in and dwell. We wish for greater things, yet secretly fear them happening. 

Resistance is the threshold between who you are and who you can be.
It is literally like a tension point at the edge of a circle.
As you meet the edge, you feel a resistance.
This edge is the meeting of the Old and the New. Your comfort zone

To move through – involves a Break-through the tension point. The breakthrough is symbolised by a breaking through of older ideas about yourself and the world and an adoption of something widely different. Wildy possible.

However the Old part of ourselves grips on with fear. It is in conflict with the part of us that wants to thrive, enjoy life and be happy.

Flow & Discomfort

When you are in Flow, you are accepting your reality as it is. 
ALL of it.
The Ups and the Downs as equally sacred treasures.

Here we realise that Resistance is actually important! It provides the necessary contrast for propulsion forward.

To be in flow is to also acknowledge that your Soul’s desires are critically important. 

You accept that where your Soul wishes you to move into – will inevitably lead to Change. 

You accept that Change is mostly uncomfortable. 

You recognise that discomfort brings you Growth.

Here you recognise that resistance, discomfort and the difficult things in life are actually your lanterns in life leading you towards the actual flow state you desire.

I used to think if I followed only the things that felt magical and good then I was following my heart. 

Yet there are many things that make you feel good can dramatically swerve you away from what is actually good for you. 

Your desires are mammothly influenced by your resistances, which rationalise why your previous desire is now irrelevant or not important – once you meet the possibility of threshold of breakthrough. 

And so I experienced many, many disappointments. 

Yet because I was so focused on the light side of life, the disappointments hit me hard. 

I didn’t have the tools or understanding on how to deal with things when they didn’t go to my plan. 

Nor was I even aware that ‘my plan’ was being greatly influenced by resistances and distorted perception of reality.

Surrender to What Is

What happens when you surrender to What Is?
You surrender to What Can Be?
You surrender to What May Be?

You surrender yourself into the liberating expansive reality of your Soul Possibility.

To be in flow doesn’t mean that your life is going perfectly. 

It means that you are moving towards a growing peace of how to approach and live your life to an optimum degree.

It means that you are growing the awareness and tools to adapt and grow from each and every experience and use them as opportunities for your own expansion. 

It means you are moving towards your resistances and difficulties rather than away from them.

And what I found over the years is the more I did this, the happier I became. I no longer became trapped by my resistances. I surrendered to the – scary, yet deeply expansive – yearnings of my Soul.

This is where the magic enters. 
For synchronicity, magic, miracles cannot be controlled, no matter how much we want them to be. 
There is no special formula to manifest them. 

Yet there is a process that seems to invite them in. 
And instead of wishing for them to be here, we can look at what we are resisting. 
They then reward us with accessing more of reality. 
Because reality itself is a natural flow – of all experiences.

Here unknowingness becomes your friend. 
Trust becomes your fuel. 
Faith becomes your guide. 

And all of your experiences become your sacred treasures that are unique and divine to you.

Blessings on your journey,

Vaz Sriharan

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