Blessing Those Who Have What We Want

We’re so used to pushing away things that feel uncomfortable.

I used to feel dirty when I felt competitive. Or jealous or envious. These are words that usually trigger unconscious shame…. Especially in spirituality where we ‘know’ everyone is equal and deserving…yet we cannot help feel insecure when someone is doing something or experiencing something we want.

Rather than push these feelings away, it’s one of the greatest opportunities for transmutation. On one level they show us what we truly want.

Yet on another level, if we can bring these feelings into the light, own them, don’t try and fix them yet use them as guides to act in a new way…we can experience radical shifts.

Competitiveness, Unhealthy Comparison, Insecurity are normal and its emotionally unhealthy if we pretend we don’t have it, repress it or judge it within.

If we allow these feelings to continue to be repressed, it can cement powerful statements about reality. It can prolong ideas about Scarcity, ‘We are not good enough’. ‘Others have it easy and we don’t’. Leading to prolonged victimhood.

Instead we can liberate it through the power of Blessing.

When we do this, it releases the limiting bond we have with the other ~ which continues a story of Less. Here, we acknowledge the notion that life is infinitely abundant whilst transmuting our comparisons into a treasure.
Simultaneously as we do this, we acknowledge that we too also are part of that abundant Universe.

Experiential: Blessing Those Who Have What You Want

I have created a brief journey to guide through this process, listed further down. There is an exercise to do beforehand, please read first:

Before listening:

Please tune in and write a list of those in your life you feel insecure about when you see what they have – and what you want. Perhaps you feel inferior to them because of it. Or jealous or competitive. Whilst this is designed for ‘what others have’, it can be applied to any area and use the meditation to adapt to that area. The list doesn’t need to be long and you can always return to this meditation another time with a new list.

When ready, listen to the meditation below:

Blessings on your journey

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