Loving Mercury

Mercury retrograde has a bad rap. We’re often taught to have a negative association with this time as it brings up all of the miscommunication, shadow and projections. Also we hear so often: ‘dont book anything or travel’.

I used to move through retrograde fine (obliviously) before I knew anything about it.
Then I went through a period where I feared it or significantly cut down on how I would normally act. I ended up blaming retrograde for any mishappenings in that period.

After some time I realised it wasn’t Mercury’s fault..it was my own stuff that was being highlighted..as an opportunity to face and transmute it.
I just didn’t like to see it.

Surely if things are coming up to the surface, that’s a good thing.

This is why Mercury often gets such a bad name, as with many things associated with shadow. It’s actually helping us if we can allow it. Whatever arises is already there. It’s just far less under the control of our masks and personas.

Additionally anything we book or travel to is part of that illumination. It’s taking us to a deeper place within. I’ve found whenever I have done this, my journeys and experiences have been even richer with spiritual insight and transformation.

Everything changes when our perspectives change.


If you’re drawn to shadow work and/or want to see what you can illuminate within during this time – join me on the 17th October for a special transmission to meet Mercury Retrograde and it’s treasured. Link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/divine-i-am-transmission-mercury-retrograde-vaz-sriharan-registration-170565251258

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