Earth Star Chakra

The transpersonal chakras are multidimensional in nature and represent important elements for our consciousness.

The Earth Star Chakra (Vasundhara) – also known as the Super Root – is part of your energy field. It is not located in the physical body (like the 7 main Chakras and others). It is said to be between 6-7 inches to 12 feet beneath your feet (some feel it closer than others). It is multidimensionally anchored within Mother Earth.

Vasundhara is Sanskrit for ‘Daughter of the earth’. It represents your extension from Mother Earth. It also represents your soul’s roots into this reality.

Some say this chakra is brown representing the land, or aqua, representing water. Others say magenta. As with Transpersonal chakras, due to their multidimensional nature, colours are subjective to the individual.

It is said to symbolise a Star Tetrahedron, resembling a Merkaba.

The Higher you reach, the lower you anchor

The Earth Star Chakra has many purposes, amongst which includes grounding the entire energetic system. Whilst the Root Chakra is devoted to grounding, the Earth Star is particularly important for those who are spiritually awakening/on the path as it anchors the evolving multidimensional being.

The higher you reach, the more you need to be anchored (in Mother Earth). If you imagine your energy body as a battery, then there needs to be a connection Above and Below for Spiritual Connectivity to flow through.

As you awaken on the spiritual path your higher chakras will naturally open. For many the higher chakras are already open which lead to the awakening process itself.

Yet what can often happen as well is that there is a strong tendency to look upwards in the search for divine connection. Consequently we ignore or look over the lower three chakras (which keep us here on the planet). The Root especially is related to everything that grounds you in physical reality – hence Home, Security, Money (energy exchange).

The healing work you do will involve healing, balancing these chakras.

Evolving Home, Money, Security Themes

For many on the path will discover it seems that Home, Money, Security themes become more prevalent and no matter how much work is done at the Root level, things don’t seem to be shifting. Perhaps a continuous feeling that you are unsupported or unsafe in relation to home and money.

What first needs to be acknowledged is that the awakening individual is becoming multidimensional by nature.

As you are awakening, you are opening up more and more to the Divine and Higher Consciousness. This is a beautiful thing. Yet in order for this to be balanced, it needs to be equally balanced in the earth realm. The Root Chakra will balance the Crown Chakra. Yet when the higher Transpersonal chakras begin to open (such as Soul Star and higher chakras), they need to be balanced by a Transpersonal chakra on the earth realm.

The Earth Star is a Transpersonal chakra that is etherically embedded within the Earth and acts as a multidimensional anchor.

As you are raising your vibration, your tether to the Earth represents your connection to reality. As you are opening up your reality and awareness to something far grander, then your tether needs to reciprocate this.

Think of yourself as awakening to a whole new world.

Yet you are looking at that world out of the windows of your old house.

The old house was previously valid yet it doesn’t support who you are anymore.

You want to walk out of the house and move into a newer one, one that represents who you are.

Similarly when you are awakening at this level, the Earth Star represents your anchoring into your new reality.

Gaia is continually shifting her vibration. Your experience of reality is unique and it is additionally uniquely connected to Mother Earth, who exists in multidimensional states of reality. Therefore the reality you experience is fundamentally affected by which vibrational reality you connect with via Mother Earth.

When you connect with, balance, harmonise and strengthen the Earth Star, you allow your multidimensional self to feel anchored in multidimensional reality. It no longer needs to find its feet in the older reality and can begin to flex its muscles in the new one.

Here the themes of Home, Money, Security are given an even more expansive insight and you begin to experience a far different perspective of them. Additionally, blocks you thought you had around these areas begin to clarify. Here you may discover what you were trying to heal was because you were still looking at yourself from an older perspective.

Manifestation & the Earth Star

Manifestation is a term describing how you bring non physical reality into the physical. You manifest reality via thought, emotion and energy. Therefore the Root Chakra is an essential part of this. Your connection to the Earth is essential if you are to bring your will into this world. The Earth is what manifests it, as all matter is the Earth.

The Earth Star takes this a step deeper. The Earth Star is responsible for greater manifestation of divine will. Your divine will is connected to your Higher Self and Higher Consciousness. It is interwoven with your Divine Path, Purpose & Destiny. So as you awaken, your Divine will also needs an anchor to manifest into reality. As you strengthen your Earth Star, you provide a fertile ground for your Divine will to manifest through.

Many of the ideas, concepts, passions you have as you awaken will evolve and become more aligned to your soul consciousness. Therefore it is also aligned with higher will. The Earth Star is responsible for anchoring those higher templates into physical reality by working with the higher dimensional frequency of the Earth. In other words it is easier to manifest more aligned choices when the earth star is clear and harmonised because it has a greater ability to do this than your root chakra alone. Your Root chakra is more focused on living in reality whilst the earth star is about expanding reality.

Your Purpose & Path

As you deepen your journey you will be drawn to evolving your path to match your increasing desires. The Earth Star is connected to your higher purpose and destiny and supports you in creating this path here on earth. The power of this is also that the earth star is multidimensional so is connected to multidimensional reality. Here the Earth star helps you attract synchronicity, miracles, magic because it is tapped into the subtle realities interacting with the physical plane.

Earth Gateway

On the spiritual path, Mother Earth is often seen as a place to ground – just so we can go higher! Yet the beauty and magic of the Earth is vast. Indigenous peoples have understood this connection for aeons. The Earth is a doorway to the Divine in her own right.

The Earth Star represents a gateway for you to commune with Mother Earth in a much deeper way. Here you connect with Gaia multidimensionally and open up your senses in a far deeper way. Gaia guides you through each step and as you explore this you will recognise just how big a role she plays in your life.

Ley Lines

When you draw up energy from the earth via your root, you are drawing up roots to anchor to the planet. When you draw up energy from the earth via your earth star, you are drawing from the core energetic of the planet and connecting here to the ley lines and earth’s meridian system. This greatly supports your own meridian system and evolving multidimensional energy body, which requires literal support from the earth in a deeper way.

Your Energetic Codes and the Planet

Mother Earth is receiving your energetic and physical codes continuously. Your ‘waste’ carries your genetic frequencies which is received. In many cultures it is known to be sacred when women offer their monthly cycles to the earth, here Mother Earth receives this sacred knowledge of DNA and energetic frequencies, helping Gaia continue a healthy symbiotic connection with humanity.

On an energetic level, your vibration is always connecting to the land you reside upon in the moment. When you move to a new land you may notice your dreams are quite different the initial few days. Here your root and earth star is anchoring into the energy of the land and you are ‘finding yourself’.

The connection goes deeper. Think of it as a two way exchange between you and the land. You give Gaia your energy and you receive her energy. This flow of information is part of maintaining the wider biosphere.

Ancestral wisdom

Your connection to the earth is also your connection to your ancestors, from both your lineage and across time and space. The earth star accessing the living library of Gaia has access to all lifetimes. As you develop your earth star you begin to utilise the knowledge and wisdom across the ages.

The earth star specifically supports you in accessing Gaia’s living library of information with the land’s energies you are working with.

How does this show up in your life?
Most of the time it will manifest through you initially with a desire to connect with the Earth in deeper and deeper ways. You may find yourself wanting to explore rituals and ceremonies.

Galactic Connection

The earth star is particularly important for starseeds, lightworkers, those who connect with the divine – to help bring heaven here rather than miss home.

For many souls who have a deep yearning to be home and difficulty being here, the earth star offers a tremendous opportunity to relieve this suffering.

Absorption of negative energies by Gaia

Mother Earth is always supporting you in releasing negative energies, just as she is absorbing the waste (death) of the planet and recycling it back into birth (life).

A healthy Earth Star helps you stay connected to this natural cycle of release and surrender. This helps your energy body (aura) feel healthy itself rather than carry absorbed energies around.

Symptoms of an unbalanced Earth Star

  • Continuous feeling of being unsupported, unsafe in life
  • Unable to make more money than what you need (unwillingness to allow earth’s bounty in)
  • Lost with direction / Purpose
  • Difficulties in manifesting your higher purpose / experiencing ongoing obstacles, challenges
  • Yearning for Home ‘elsewhere’
  • Unable to see the beauty of being here
  • Feeling disconnected to Life, Spirit, Self
  • Unable to find a location to call ‘Home’. Continuously feeling unsettled

As with most of these symptoms, they are interconnected with other chakras and so it is always recommended to keep all chakras healthy!

Connecting with your Earth Star

Meditation to connect with the Earth Star

Repeat these affirmations and then follow this simple connection

  • I am connected to mother earth
  • I am an extension of mother earth
  • I invite all of who I am to be here, now
  • I honour my life here on planet earth.
  • I honour my breath as life force provided by the earth.
  • Breathe into your body and connect to a ball of light just below your root chakra
  • Visualise a bright star
  • Meet your Earth Star Chakra here and imagine it’s joy. It’s purpose is to anchor you to the earth in a deep and meaningful way
  • Repeat to yourself “I honour you Earth Star for all that you provide. I ask you to harmonise with the rest of my field”
  • Take 3 deep breaths into the Earth Star and imagine it glowing and expanding in the earth
  • Feel its joy increased
  • Feel it literally anchoring you energetically in the earth, supporting very step.
  • Feel it like Gravity, your own Gravity.
  • Smile into your Earth Star and know it is supporting you.

Blessings on your journey, Vaz


Earth Star Chakra Attunement

If you want to go deeper, experience our Earth Star Chakra Attunement. Multidimensional Attunement, Energy Healing & Transformation…

‘Adya and Vaz’s Earth Chakra transmission was especially impactful for me. During and after the transmission I felt so uplifted, clear and a deep new sense of connection to the Earth. Thank you. This feeling has not left me a month later..’

Rose, Spain

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