Closing the Day to Begin Anew

How do you feel at the end of a long day?

Spiritually connected?

If you’re like most people then that is unlikely.

And that is Ok!

You’ve had a day filled with experience. Conversations with others perhaps. Interactions whether passive or active, involve energy exchanges. Thoughts, emotions from dawn till dusk….You’ve had a lifetime of a journey in a day!

Mornings are often connected with practices such as meditation or yoga to begin the day with connection.

Yet the evenings are just as important, as opportunities to connect, offer gratitude and cleanse.

The thoughts and emotions from the day build up.

What usually happens is that small unnoticed self limiting thoughts stay until we fall asleep. It is here when our subconscious mind begins assessing the day’s activities – reinforcing, rewriting or writing anew the belief systems that dictate what we experience in our daily life.

Often many of us approach sleep with many fragmented thoughts / feelings through the day – Apart from beautiful ones, others may perhaps include feelings of lack, regret, being too hard on ourselves, criticism, judgment…built up through the day. These all contribute to the ideas we have about ourselves (self love) and reality.

The small interactions we have by exploring the Internet are also energy exchanges where we give / take our ‘power’ in many ways. Or how we perceive others…

This again can reinforce limiting belief systems we have about ourselves & the world.

This is all normal human behaviour of course! Yet if we want to elevate our consciousness and lifestyle to more fulfilling ways, being genuine about our daily life helps us know what we may need.

Power of Prayer

A ritual or a prayer before bed is a powerful way of setting an intention to let go of the day just had, honour it and embrace what is to come.

Prayers are extraordinary powerful tools in accessing the Divine. This is because they are devotional in nature and use your free will to state what you want.

Here if it is to let go of the day with loving kindness then you will – your subconscious mind listens and reinforces the positive spiritually orientated ideologies within you. In other words – you reinforce your path towards happiness, self love & connection.

Here is an “Evening Prayer” I created to listen to and close your day with reflection, kindness & gratitude. Notice how you feel just afterwards. The more you recite your own intentions or listen to prayers such as these, the more you anchor the vibration you are calling as your core reality.

Blessings on your journey


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