Healing Our Trust

Throughout my life during my most difficult experiences, I had the conflict between the part of me that was saying, Why does this keep happening? And a new part that was saying, Perhaps this is happening because you have something to learn here.

As I allowed this latter part to be nurtured, I learned how to trust in things that had no reason to be trusted in.

Currently on the planet, since this pandemic began every one has been asked to trust in ways they never thought possible before. When it comes to our livelihood, work, health, reality…humanity is being trained in a new type of Trust.

Trust (and Faith) are what carry us through difficult, challenging experiences..yet it is so much more than that.

Trust isn’t just blindly believing.

It is more than believing.

It is knowing.

What prevents us from Trusting in our self?

Throughout our life, through the challenges and difficulties we go through, it is very easy to lose trust in ourselves.

We believe we have made bad or wrong decisions – which is why we had those “bad” experiences.

We then begin the process of losing trust in making decisions themselves.

We second guess.

We procrastinate.

We stall from moving forward.

We lose our natural playfulness.

We become more serious.

Every decision and action has more of a weight to it. It seems to carry the lineage of consequences that can go wrong – if we make wrong decisions.

Here, intuition is completely stifled as it needs to be believed in if it is to be accessed.

Intuition is your gateway to the Divine and the Inner Realms. Your Soul is guiding the way continuously, yet if you are confused with so many thoughts, analyses and fears of making wrong decisions, how can you hear your soul’s desires?

The Roadblocks to Trust that we need to face

Blame, control, fear of letting go, victim consciousness all cloud our natural ability to trust in life.

Victim consciousness is where we believe that we are not responsible for our life and that life happens to us.

In other words, like the proverbial feather in the wind, we are thrown about by life’s whims. This leads to immense feelings of suffering, struggle, hopelessness, powerlessness.

When we take our power back and own our reality, we say: I choose to take from my experience what I need to take. I trust….

This leads to us to enjoy life because we have chosen to see it from a completely different angle.

Surrendering to Something Greater

This is the power of Trust.

It is a Surrender to the Divine.

A surrender to Life itself.

When you trust that life is not the enemy…then Every experience becomes one that serves you.

You are OK with things not going your way because you know, if it goes another way then you are being asked to learn something.

You do not chastise yourself for thinking, doing, acting in the wrong way. You see yourself as a soul, like all others, who is learning, growing, discovering, who they are and how to interact with reality.

During these current times, we are being asked to trust in an every changing realty. If you put your trust in others or what you see externally, then you can be thrown like that feather. As others are always discovering who they are and what they believe in.

Here we begin to move with each step not needing anything outside of us to feel safe. We feel safe with who we are, what we have experienced, where we are being taken.

Blessings on your journey, Vaz

Trust & Surrender Multidimensional Healing

If you want to go deeper into your personal & spiritual development, explore this multidimensional healing session for Trust. Here we work to clear limiting beliefs around Trust & Surrender, mistrust, distrust, fear of letting go, control, blame, victim consciousness, fear, uncertainty…And activating Inner Trust, Divine Trust and Knowingness.

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