Your Galactic Heritage

What feelings stir when you see a picture like this (above)?

Feelings of wonder…awe…longing….familiarity?

There is something otherworldly that is anchored within your DNA consciousness of extraterrestrial contact.

This knowledge spans human history and we do not need to look far to see evidence of mankind’s fascination with the stars and life beyond.

As humanity awakens during these times and recognises that life is more than what we have collectively told ourselves for the recent aeons of time, doorways to a more evolved version of reality open.

In other words humanity is now recognising it not alone in the Universe yet life out there is actively involved in the very progression of life here.

There are many labels trying to explain this connection. Starseeds is one of them. Yet this phrase also presumes that only a select few of humans have a galactic lineage. Where these Starseeds enter the earth plane for physical experience, amongst a species that is quite unlike them.

However when we look at reality from a soul level rather than a human personality level, we see that souls are multidimensional and engage in a wide range of experiences for soul growth and adventure.

Humanity itself sits in the stars. Mother Earth is a galactic consciousness. When we look upon our planet and ourselves from the perspective of another species – we are the aliens.

Humanity is a collection of a multidimensional and multi-special cross breeding of galactic races.

We know of some of the main ones largely due to the advent of higher consciousness channeling since the late 60’s. Pleiades. Lyra. Orion. Arcturus. Andromeda. Sirius…

Yet indigenous peoples have had within their life contact with otherworldly beings for aeons. The native Americans have a strong connection to the Pleiadians for example. Many others do not label their contact with any specific name that we may recognise.

Artwork by Adya Nova

If you are drawn to exploring your galactic nature, you are already making contact.


Contact occurs on many levels. Largely it occurs on unconscious levels as awareness of direct contact can conflict with the purpose of contact itself.

On a Soul level when you fall asleep you leave your body. You may have many dreams yet there are real experiences occurring with you doing ‘work’ with your galactic families for the betterment of humanity and Mother Earth. These actions go far beyond your human life mission and so they will be naturally moved to behind the veil of your consciousness (unconsciousness).

As you deepen and strengthen your connection to yourself and your Star family, you may beginning remembering your time with them.

Artwork from Lyssa Royal’s book: Prism of Lyra

So why are they here?

Our galactic neighbours are here for many reasons, many of which we will never be able to understand at our level of consciousness. Yet their presence is overwhelmingly benign as we can see from the tremendous advanced level of wisdom that has come through with their presence, which when applied leads to accelerated soul growth and well, happiness.

This isn’t superficial happiness, it’s grounded authentic happiness that comes from challenging self healing work.

It involves moving through the eye of the needle of unity consciousness, which they have surpassed themselves.

Earth. Jewel in the Skies

The Earth plane is seen as a mammoth ‘experiment’ of multitude or races come together under the ‘lawlessness’ of free will. There was a very recent time where humanity may have ended in disaster. Yet post 1999, the timelines shifted and Earth and her crew are heading towards the prophecied golden age.

Artwork by Gilbert Williams

It is said there is a line of souls waiting for your spot on planet Earth. That is how many wish to be here for the ascension. Whilst other galactic races have moved through their own ascension from 3rd dimensional reality, humanity’s is like no other. It represents an ascension through pure free will in pure duality, which as volatile as it has been – has already been accomplished.

Yet it may seem like the world isn’t looking like the golden age right now right?

Yet the stones have been paved. The steps taken. It is now inevitable.

What is occurring now is an emergence of what needs to be released so the rebirth can occur.

So who wouldn’t want to watch that occur in real time?

Galactic Presence

The next best thing that these civilisations can do is to support and participate from the sidelines.

Yet they also have a vested interest that goes even deeper. Many of them have their own very family members here. In other words souls who have spent a prolonged amount of time in their worlds who offered to dive deep into humanity’s frequency to support this shift.

These are essentially all souls. Who are known as starseeds.

Yet Starseeds who awaken to their knowingness have an important journey in integrating into humanity and seeing the unique beauty of spaceship Mother Earth.

To anchor Heaven on Earth through Remembering Who You Are.

To experience a dimensional frequency such as the Earth’s involves past experience with such frequencies. In that way, everyone is human and everyone is a Starseed of some form. Some are just beginning to remember their heritage. Others will in time.

Are they preparing for direct contact?

What are their messages?

With time on their side, the galactic races who interact with humanity have largely moved through the stages of ascension on their home world. There are many stages of ascension and moving through dimensional boundaries (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) are some of them.

Humanity is shifting from 3rd to 4th to 5th dimensional consciousness. This means we are are escaping the seduction of duality and moving into unity consciousness. We are leaving behind the obsession with light vs dark and loving towards an integrated understanding of reality.

This is a large element of what our galactic messengers bring. They offer their own unique experiences moving through this and they know it’s not easy. Each civilisation has had a unique journey with it….and so have you.

This is because you are not new. You are ancient and have lifetimes upon lifetimes in other realms and dimensions. Other planets and experiences.

This question will always return to:

Why did you come to planet Earth?

That answer is what your Star family is supporting. Your purpose isn’t as just a career, although this is indeed a manifestation of your expression. It is about how you connect with others, how you grow and learn, how you serve the greater whole, how you serve your soul’s desires, how you deepen your connection to your home here on Earth, how you bring that higher consciousness into the Earth plane.

When you look up at the stars, countless civilisations are looking up at you, from their home worlds.

It can evoke a deep sense of longing when you yearn for your galactic familiarise embrace and energy. Yet they are always reminding humanity that our focus is here, now. To yearn or miss something not here is to waste precious time on planet Earth.

The key is to awaken that memory in your heart yet remember to be here

Are you seeking to strengthen your connection with your galactic guides?

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Blessings on your journey star traveller


Artwork by Kagaya

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