Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra (Vyapini in Sanskrit), also known as the 8th Chakra, is part of your energy field. It is not located in the physical body (like the 7 main Chakras and others). It is said to be 12 inches to 3 feet above your Crown chakra. It is multidimensionally connected with your Higher Self.

Some believe the Soul Star Chakra is Golden. Others say it is White. This is because the Soul Star is associated with Ascension. As is the nature of Transpersonal Chakras, their colours are subjective to the experiencer.

The Soul Star is also known as the Seat of your Soul. It’s very name symbolises what it is carrying…your Soul Vibration. When awakened, it gives the individual access to their greater nature – their Soul Nature.

Spiritual Awakening & the Soul Star

The Soul Star Chakra is the Gateway to your higher consciousness. The 7 main chakras are designed for human living on planet earth. The Soul Star takes this a step further and allows those who are spiritually awakening / on the path to access more of their multidimensional self.

During the process of Awakening, the Soul Star is key in opening up to a newer reality. It is already experiencing a higher reality and is channeling this down to upgrade the individual.

Those of you who are already awake to your inherent nature i.e. you know that you are a divine being here incarnating on the earth – have your Soul Star awakening to some degree. This is in one sense why you are awake.

The more it is activated and awakened, the more it is able to access your multidimensional reality. For the express purpose of allowing you to live here with a more multidimensional and expanded consciousness.

Here your Soul Star is able to plug you into Spiritual Reality.

You begin to have many more Spiritual Experiences.

The veil between the realms begin to fade as you are more open to what reality is.

The Soul Star and the Earth Star

The Soul Star is balanced by the Earth Star, just as the Crown is balanced by the Root.

Therefore an Earth Star grounded individual will be able to embody and utilise their Soul Star to it’s primary purposes. Otherwise there will be disassociation from reality and inability to feel genuine grounded divine love.

Much like a battery needs both ends connected to be of use, the Soul Star needs the Earth Star activated to be able to channel its energy usefully. (See Symptoms of an Unbalanced Soul Star further down)

The Earth Star is particularly important for those who are awakening to anchor the evolving multidimensional being.

The Soul Star is particularly important for those who are awakening to reach higher into expanded states of consciousness.

The Soul Star and Earth Star provide a balanced union for those expanding their spiritual journey.

Connection to Multidimensional Reality

The Soul Star carries Divine light in purified form and carries codes and keys related to your Sacred Blueprint. It effectively knows who you are!

Via the Soul Star, individuals can access more of their multidimensional nature such as past lives, Akashic Records, memories from other dimensions/realities.

Artwork by Krystleyez

As you activate and awaken your Soul Star you will feel a greater association with your timeless self. You will likely feel more compelled to discover more about your multidimensional nature such as past lives, star lives, your existence beyond this plane.

The Soul Star works in tandem with your Crown Chakra and so both activated allows you to have a free flow of information.

Additionally those who have an active and awakened Soul Star significantly increase their channeling abilities, psychic skills and empathic nature. As it is via the expanded awareness that your multidimensional abilities reach into.

Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the higher aspect of your Greater Self. It is guiding you, overseeing you, nudging you, loving you through every single moment of your existence. Your Soul Star connects intimately with your Higher Self and allows for a healthier communication to occur between you both.

This helps in getting clear with your earthly human choices, direction, meaning in life.

Divine Love

The Soul Star is also connected to rarified light. This allows you to bring in Divine Light/Love into your being and often leads to an incredible sense of Oneness.

When the Soul Star “pours down” divine light through the Crown and into the body (ensuring it reaches the Earth star) there is an incredible sense of Divine Connection.

This Divine Love allows you to know yourself that you are supported, loved, cared for, guided, watched over and taken to each experience – if you allow it.

Universal Compassion, Selflessness, Surrender are resulting embodiments of an active Soul Star. You feel connected to All That Is, Humanity, Mother Earth. Your intentions here become naturally aligned to your higher will.

The Soul Star, Trust & The Ego

The Soul Star also commands respect from the Ego in order to be active.

The Ego needs to feel in control of your life, to feel safe. It needs to know what is happening now, next and forever more! Even then it is never settled. It is continuously seeking to know everything about your reality from a mental space.

The Soul Star asks you Trust, Surrender and Let Go to Something Greater. It asks the Ego to move into the backseat while your Soul moves into the driving seat. Here, you are led through experiences and often you may not understand what or why you are experiencing what you are. Yet such is the nature of Divine Trust.

An awakening Soul Star will take you through many Challenges – these are experiences in your journey that will help you grow. When you see these are opportunities for expansion rather than “why is this happening to me”, you embody more of the true vibration of your Soul Star. This can be challenging of course, yet it is the Universe’s way of training you here on your path of Awakening.

Because the Soul Star is connected to your Soul Identity, it allows you to significantly expand your perspectives and perceptions of reality.

Here you are able to step out of your earthly identity and tap into your more expanded self. This allows you to make decisions and understand reality from a higher perspective. You are no longer limited by the struggles and issues that you face personally – you open up to the grander meaning and great design of the Universe

The Grand Design & Divine Wisdom

Your Soul Star is synchronised with the Universe and therefore appreciates the Bigger Picture. It is speaking on your behalf on a cosmic scale. When you think of yourself asking for the Universe for help and assistance, there is a saying that the Universe has your back. This is true. Yet the Soul Star is the one that is having your back at these greater levels.

It is continuously attuning and synchronising your earthly nature with your higher nature.

If you imagine your Soul Star as a guiding light above the top of your head. It’s light acts as a lighthouse, scanning the horizons and “seeing” into reality on a far deeper level than your human born senses can.

Here it is downloading the Higher Meaning, Higher Understanding, Higher Wisdoms related to your earthly experiences to understand them.

Divine Knowingness

Whilst the Crown Chakra is related to Wisdom and Knowingness, the Soul Star is operating on a higher, purer form of Divine Wisdom and Divine Knowingness. Here it understands multidimensional reality to the degree that it is in continual communication with your Higher Consciousness.

Those who have an awakened Soul star feel very at ease with reality because they know.

This knowing is different to knowledge. It isn’t like the Ego’s need to know everything. Here it is knowing that everything that is occurring to you is part of something greater, even if you don’t know what that is.

This is the beauty of Unknowingness and Knowing.

Great Central Sun & Shift in Consciousness

The Soul Star is connected to the Great Central Sun and is awakening during these times naturally due to the Earth’s proximity to the Galactic sun.

The Great Central Sun has a pivotal role in the multidimensional nature of human beings on planet earth.

The rarified light from the Great Central Sun has a significant impact upon the Soul Star. During the last few thousand years, the distance from the Great Central Sun has meant that the Soul Star has in a way become dormant. All of this has been designed as part of humanity’s journey.

Now as the earth moves more and more into the stream of energies from the Great Central Sun, the Soul Star is awakening – and thus it is awakening individuals all over the globe. It is working in tandem with many of the other elements that are shifting collective consciousness.

Magnetising your Reality, Manifestation, Your Tribe, Your Soul’s Desires

Your Soul Star is magnetic in nature.

Here it is connecting upwards to your Higher Self and horizontally you could say to magnetise what your Soul seeks towards you. Vertically it is exchanging information from/to your consciousness back into higher reality.

It is continuously communicating at higher levels and working with other souls that you meet – and are yet to meet.

When you have a soul desire and you act upon it (become aware of it then take action) – your Soul Star follows through by magnetising into your reality those who match your frequency and serve (both-ways).

What we often call magic is the Soul Star’s ability to tap into Synchronicity, Magnetism and the unseen realms.

Giving your Soul Star more attention will allow you to have greater understanding and ‘success’ with your manifestations, which rely upon Trust above all else.

The Soul Star and Healing Work

During multidimensional healing work, the Soul Star (And Earth Star) are key in accessing higher states of consciousness. This is additionally because the Soul Star can access the key aspects of reality that are needed for greater healing, such as past lives, karmic themes etc.

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Soul Star

  • Disconnection from Spirit, Source, Universe, Spirit Guides
  • Unable to understand the greater meaning behind your experiences
  • Feeling unsupported by the Universe
  • Feeling lack of Divine Love
  • Alone, empty, lost, confused
  • Disassociation with Physical Reality (Escapism)
  • Directionless, Purposeless, Meaningless
  • Feeling unworthy of living from your Soul’s desires
  • Unsure what your Soul’s desires are
  • Loss of Trust in your Life, Universe, Spirit
  • Extended victim consciousness
  • Disownership of your reality
  • Disconnected from Ideas, Creativity, Imagination
  • Yearning for Home ‘elsewhere’
  • Blocks to multidimensional gifts such as psychic abilities and channeling

Connecting with your Soul Star

Repeat these affirmations and then follow this simple connection

  • I am connected to my Soul
  • I am an expression of my Higher Consciousness
  • I invite all of who I am to be here, now
  • I honour my multidimensional nature
  • I honour my Transpersonal gifts
  • I allow
  • I receive

Meditation to connect with your Soul Star

  • Breathe into your body and connect to a ball of light just below your root chakra
  • Visualise a bright star
  • Meet your Earth Star Chakra here and feel it grounding you. This is to allow you to journey upwards
  • Now imagine light travelling all the way up through your body, through your chakras.
  • Through your crown until it meets a ball of light just above your head.
  • Meet your Soul Star Chakra…
  • Imagine it’s joy. It’s purpose is to expand, teach, train you on planet earth to your beautiful divine nature.
  • Repeat to yourself “I honour you Soul Star for all that you provide. I ask you to harmonise with the rest of my field”
  • Take 3 deep breaths into the Soul Star and imagine it glowing and expanding
  • Imagine it pouring down light through your Crown and the rest of your chakras, until it means your Earth Star chakra just beneath your feet.
  • Feel its joy increased
  • Feel it literally opening you up to higher consciousness.
  • Feel it stretching you
  • Feel it embodying you with Divine Love.
  • Smile into your Soul Star and know it is supporting you.
  • Breathe back into your body down into the earth so you feel grounded before continuing on with your day.

Blessings on your journey, Vaz

Soul Star Chakra Attunement

If you wish to go deeper and activate your Soul Star Chakra, click below to experience a multidimensional clearing, healing and activation for the Soul Star Chakra

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