Trusting in 2022

Happy New Year!

We are back from our epic transformational journey in Bali where we have been living for the past 7 months. It was an incredible period of Upgrading where we were nudged (aka pushed) into surrendering on such deep levels. 

Trust was the lesson throughout as only a sliver was shown just ahead of us. I thought I was trusting before yet the whole experience showed me just how much more I had to learn! Still learning of course yet I feel so much more at peace with an ever changing reality, which let’s face it…is not easy when you cannot see what is ahead of you.

We are so programmed to believe that when things are chaotic, they are out of control. Yet within chaos there is order, divine order.

This is our challenge.. to discover that divine order for each of us.

We are now living in times where we are merging with higher consciousness to a point that we may feel like we are instruments of the Divine. Where Spirit is much more involved in our lives. This is the process of deep surrender which usually begins with letting go of things, beliefs, situations, people in our lives.

As I mentioned in my last Winter Solstice Transmission, 2020 can be seen as a year of making Choices about the type of reality that we wish to experience – as Reality “broke down” and polarisation peaked. Do we want to fight one another over our ideas or do we want to step outside of the age old battle frequency…It was also a year of letting go of our expectations, our plans, of what is ‘normal’.

2021 can be seen as about experiencing the choices that we made in 2020 – whilst of course making new choices if we so chose to. Facing our fears, doubts & worries about not feeling supported or knowing where we are going. Moving into states of deep Trust & Surrender. 

2022 opens us up to experience a reality that is subjective to the point that everyone is in their own bubble of experience. So recognising you are not tied to collective reality anymore. It is an opportunity to experience the results (and rewards) of those choices, in other words reality becomes manifest. It is the space where we work in harmony with Spirit. What happens when you allow yourself to Trust in Spirit? In yourself?

Your reality is not the same as the person next to you.

This is freedom.

You can experience any reality you want.


The spiritual healing and growth work we do for ourselves of course supports this shift in consciousness on a much deeper level, which is why I often refer to these times as the University of Awakening! 

You are always guided by a higher force, Source, to move into realities that serve your Soul, Higher Self and All That Is. These choices may not feel easy as often during these times it involves breaking through comfort zones, challenging ourselves to think differently – be different. Yet know you are never alone on this journey of Awakening.

Always remember you are doing incredible work on an inner level. Your questioning nature, curiosity, explorative nature is what is shifting your consciousness and the entire mass consciousness. We usually don’t see the results of our transformation in the moment. It feels confusing and chaotic. Yet that is the process of true change.

I am back offering regular Divine I AM Transmissions, Divine I AM Trainings (Level 1 & 2), Transpersonal Chakra Attunements and more Soul Awakening sessions. See full list of events (with more to come) by clicking here: Upcoming Events.

Blessings on your journey


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