(Guided Journey) Akashic Records: Your Multidimensional Story

The Akashic Records are a multidimensional library carrying the soul vibrations and stories of all souls on planet earth. They are a multi-layered source of endless information and learning that represent the Past, Present & Future. Your story is multi-layered across your lifetimes and the Akashic Records holds these. We will be working with the Akasha for deeper healing around the multidimensional story as well as opening up to the new Akasha, new possibilities and new stories available for you in this life ~ for your Soul Awakening.

You may have had dreams where you are being taught in the other realms. I have had many, almost like a classroom. We each have a visual language with Spirit and they show us what we need to see.

Those of you who are drawn to this are here because you are also open to the New in a very deep and meaningful way. Essentially this is soul awakening, it is awakening to the new.

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