Change & Your Soul’s Calling

We are all experiencing tremendous Change during these times. Change leads to Evolution and Expansion. If we want Change and we want to live in accordance to our soul’s desires rather than our human fears, then it usually involves sacrifice.

Sacrifice sometimes has a connotation that we are having to give up something precious to us. Sometimes. Yet it also means giving up things that are precious to our ego. Or precious to a part of us that is holding on to an older idea of who we think we are.

Over the past 4-5 months, I realised how much I was holding onto older ideas of what I thought I was, in relation to my soul’s purpose. These ideas can be in any area of our life. From relationships to life path.

Over the past months as I went inward during the reflective winter months I realised how much I was holding onto older ideas of who I thought I was, specifically in relation to my soul’s purpose.

Today I often share about my identity crises! I used to be ashamed of them, or feel that I should know what I am doing. Now after the consistent results of moving through them, I see the incredible treasure of them as the Universe’s way of training me in embodying how my soul wants me to be.

We are still purging ideas in spirituality that we should always be aligned, or know our path, or have constant clarity – as somehow being a measurement of how spiritual we are. Yet meeting our true nature is a beautiful genuine encounter. After all, it’s our own journey and why pretend to be someone or experience something we’re not? 

The older ideas we can have about ourselves can be in any area of our life. From relationships to life path. From the core beliefs we have about how the world works to what spirituality even means…

We are all continuously programmed by what we read, absorb, people around us, culture, society. We are also continuously programmed by ourselves, telling ourself who we are and who we are supposed to be. It’s endless and it’s our way of learning. Yet being aware of our input is crucial if we are to allow what is within to awaken.

So Sacrificing what we are holding onto is essential.

As I began to unravel ideas around my work, letting go of certain projects, businesses I had been involved in, initially I felt lost. This is the first step in true change – confusion, feeling lost.

This is such an important part of change because it allows change to even occur. It is the meeting of two worlds – the Old and the New. However we have to be careful here not to be seduced by it’s emotional charge. It can make us believe we have always been lost! And will be forever more. The key to moving through emotional discord is to recognise there is a part of us that is feeling this – not all of us. The other (stronger) part is what holds space for this part

I often use the analogy of oil and water. If you imagine a glass of water with a sliver of oil at the bottom…the oil representing the density of what we are experiencing when we move through something difficult. The water representing the light of your consciousness.

When we are in it – we are in that sliver of oil.

We believe the whole glass is full of oil..because we are in it.

We see the world through that sliver of oil, distorting everything.

Yet when we take a step back – using spiritual means: meditation, energy healing work etc – we detach from the sliver of oil and reconnect to our natural state.

This doesn’t mean we ignore the emotions…

It allows us to actually deal with them.

As the confusion lifts, new insights emerge and we are continuously being reorganised during these times. You may find that older ideas about yourself you thought you let go of, return. Recently “new” ideas now become old. You are reassessing who you are and throughout your life are signposts showing you who you are to reflect back upon during your journey.

I am now revitalising energy into projects I thought I had stepped away from and letting go of ones I thought were new (just a couple years ago). There is no logic to expansion, we have to trust what we are moving through. It can seem chaotic, yet everything has its place in multidimensional reality.

Sacrifice means looking at the things that we may not want to give up…yet we know we are no longer enjoying or is no longer serving us. We may have previously built up strong structural support around these ideas telling us why they were important. So we become fearful that our world will collapse if those ideas are taken away.

Our key – especially during these times – is to see the support within. You are equipped to deal with any change that you are manifesting. Or you wouldn’t create it.

Change often begins with a discord. A feeling. A persistent annoyance in the background that becomes more and more prominent.

It is asking us to look at something that makes us feel uncomfortable to look at.

Why? Because often it means we have to change ourselves.

It means we have to sacrifice our comfort, for a period of discomfort.

Yet the end result is what is crucial. It is leading us to greater fulfilment, joy, happiness, experience, abundance, wonder.

When our vision is on why we would follow our soul’s desires rather than what it means to do so, the long term outweighs the short term discomfort of what is needed.

We see discomfort, confusion, feeling lost as a healthy part of Change….

What kind of reality do you want to experience?

Only you know, deep down…

If you need a reminder of what it is your soul is seeking, check out the Future Self journey below.

Blessings on your journey


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