You are in Flow especially when you aren’t….

The paradox of being in flow is to see yourself as being in flow especially when you do not feel you are. This seems like a contradiction yet it all begins with our state of mind.

Being in flow or alignment isn’t about experiencing a perfect reality, whatever that may mean to us.

This idea often comes from the mind, ego, our desires, our programming…where these do not take into account what truly serves our soul growth.

Here we are trying to control our reality to be one of impossible perfection. Assuming that when things go “right” all the time, that this even serves us.

When we challenge the idea of what is serving us, we include again all that which challenges us. That which challenges us, forces us to grow. The struggles in life initiate powerful soul evolution.

When we push these away, we resist them and they lead to suffering. Suffering can be seen as a resistance to reality, one that we are continuously creating.

The initial trap of seeing ourselves in continual flow is that it can emerge from a sense of pretending: ”I am in flow…when I secretly feel I don’t. When I am secretly disappointed with myself for what I am experiencing. When I am wondering why I am experiencing the opposite of what I am supposed to be”.

This only separates us from a synchronised state of being…which we always are.

You can never be separate from the Universe and all that occurs within it. Yet the idea that you are, will create an experience that you are.

So Flow and Alignment includes what we think is serving us and what we don’t understand…what brings us joy and also what challenges us….what makes us laugh and what makes us miserable…How can we call what makes us miserable, difficult as being in alignment?

The key to recognising alignment is that it is a state of being where we are recognising the wonder of our own creations.

We take responsibility for the creations we manifest. We have moved away from the lower seductive forces of victim consciousness and are now owning our reality, however difficult that may be. We do not push away difficult emotions, we embrace them without needing to fix. We do not punish ourselves or others for what is happening, we seek solutions.

We consciously work towards shifting away from ideas that things are going wrong – to ideas that everything is serving us.

This is a key principle I had to work hard to embody during my emergence from depression. Everything in my reality, everything in my mind was telling me that I was suffering. And I was. Yet I had to train myself to see that everything, especially my suffering, was also serving me. That I wouldn’t understand it today or even tomorrow. Yet one day I would….Nevertheless, the treasures forged during that time would serve me in my life. Which is undoubtedly true.

Here the more that we recognise ourselves as being in flow – the more we see ourselves as being in flow…and the more we become in flow with our reality. A self fulfilled prophecy in a way, yet one with deep meaning.

Here our psychology changes towards our reality. We become more optimistic, in a grounded way. We become less affected by difficulty and struggle in our life, as we see it as serving us.

We become more positive, in a balanced way. We become less affected by negativity in our life, in ourselves, in our emotions. We know they are here to reveal something about us. They are all serving us, rather than something that is not going right.

We own our reality. We become empowered. We become more….aligned with the very nature of reality.

We become more open and receptive to the idea that life is serving us.

Only here can we truly access the gifts that are waiting to be received for us. These treasures are synchronicity, miracles, what we call magic.

They are the interconnections and interactions we would not have if we were so focused looking down.

They are the rewards and celebrations that we would not have if we were so convinced our reality is against us.

Enter the Flow State Meditation

Here is a free guided affirmation that I created to shift into a flow state. Just notice before you even listen, how you feel about your reality. Then notice after listening, what happens to your state of mind and how you feel about yourself. These affirmations are designed to shift your mindset into seeing all as in flow. The more you notice it, the more you see it, the more you experience it.

Reality is usually backwards to what we think. It is less a reaction and more a response. You see it to experience it, rather than experience it to see it.

Alternatively listen on YouTube channel below

Going Deeper: What about if you are resisting Flow itself?

Conversely, Resistance to Flow is another theme where we are harbouring many beliefs that are holding onto a life of suffering (perhaps out of familiarity and fear of change). If you wish to go deeper and clear core beliefs, limiting patterns and karmic cycles related to Resistance to Flow itself, explore this multidimensional healing intensive (by Vaz & Adya):

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