The Beauty of Struggle

For a long time on my spiritual path I rejected the notion of struggling. 
I wanted peace, effortlessness and to feel good. 
I felt struggle was an older way…

So I made choices that felt easier. Made me feel comfortable….

Yet these ‘easier’ choices led to more lack than I had ever experienced before – in relationships, life purpose, my finances, my own potential.

All of these areas require Growth.

Growth requires Courage…
To face what is holding us back , what we are afraid of…and to move into new areas that feel unfamiliar.

Something that I wasn’t allowing myself to do because I wasn’t willing to challenge myself.

I discovered the issue here was my polarisation of the word struggle itself.

Struggle essentially means it is challenging…and perhaps most importantly…

It is creating discomfort.

It is through this discomfort that we realise something needs to change….

It is a natural desire to want to live a life free of struggles. 

Yet it isn’t realistic.

It also doesn’t value what struggle means and can offer us.

The struggles that we face are spaces of Contrast – opportunities to access untapped parts within. 

This is how we develop our Strength, Inner Power and have New Opportunities, Adventures, Experiences we wouldn’t have before.

When we resist the struggles of life, seeing them as punishments, we experience suffering.

Suffering is often called a resistance to What Is…It is also sustained by being unwilling to do what is being asked…I know this well.

Today I seek out the struggles as opportunities for me to upgrade.

I no longer try to just deal with the struggles & challenges I have already…I want more.

Because my end goal is the same – to experience a happier, more fulfilled life.
Yet I now know that this doesn’t happen by maintaining the status quo. They happen if I allow myself to be stretched by experiences and opportunities.

When we accept the struggles of life as the Universe’s grand opportunities for elevation, we realise that there are many paths out of our predicaments…if we can choose to face & move through our struggles.

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