Shame – Collective Healing

Shame is a powerful concept that has a powerful impact on our daily life.

We can be ashamed by a great many things that affect our daily life. It may be fleeting thoughts that become repetitive around not being someone we thought we would be by this age, not having a partner not having enough money…To not being with the right partner, not living a fulfilled life, not experiencing something we wish…

It can relate to decisions, actions we have made in our past that subconsciously weigh us down.

It can relate to decisions, actions we haven’t made in our past that we are just as ashamed about.

It can relate to how we Physically look, Life Purpose, Relationships, Money, Conversations, Experiences…Just about anything.

It carries with it a powerful feeling of judgment, both from the self, as well as often a fear that others are too.

So how can inner shame really affect us in our daily life?

Feeling ashamed of who we are, who we were or our actions, decisions, thoughts, feelings significantly hold us back from making more actions, decisions from a healthy place.

Shame is connected to your sacral chakra (relationship to self – relationships, purpose, abundance) as well as your solar plexus (inferiority, self judgment).

Thus it hinders our confidence, self esteem, how we show up in the world and converse with others. Essentially how we see ourselves and how we think we are seen.

Shame essentially is a contractor of energy. Hence it makes it more difficult to manifest and attract towards.

This is why shame has such an influence upon self worth.

The key to releasing shame is to first acknowledge it.

Allow it out of its hiding place of being ashamed…for feeling shame!

This is the replicating nature of shame, it seeks to hide so we will hide it from ourselves.

If we break down the idea of shame, it is the parts of us we do not want others to see. Including ourselves.

It makes us feel the opposite of self love, so we try and push it away.

If we treat this part of us like a child, it is seeking love, acknowledgment and a space to be heard.

Shame & Money

As Shame is connected to the sacral chakra, it is also connected to our relationship with Money.

How we handle it, manage it, lose it, misuse it, lack it, judge it.

Spirituality may bring up great shame for wanting to earn money due to an outdated ideology dividing spirituality from the material (physical world).

Regardless there have been aeons worth of programming around how money should be used & how we view those with and without it.

How much we charge, earn, speak about money.

Again money is a tool to reflect our relationship with our self, so it is designed to highlight that which needs healing.

Shame & Sexuality

Perhaps most renowned is the shame felt around sexuality.

This has been propagated by religions over the ages, as well as cultural views around what sexuality even means.

This has created many societies that either repress, suppress or objectivify sexuality.

Often it is referred to as our sexual relationship with another. Yet it is more than this as it initially refers to our relationship to self.

Our feelings about our own sexuality (essentially our intimacy) is how we define our core self worth. Sexuality is one of the most intimate aspects of ourselves, reflected externally through our relationship with others, life purpose, self esteem, money and so on.

When we reclaim our sexuality, we reclaim our essential life force….This can happen through a process of consciously focusing unconditional acceptance into this beautiful area within.

Shame & Cultural / Ancestral Lineage

Shame is passed down ancestrally as well as culturally. This can be referred to as the family’s shame. In certain cultures this carries deep psychic weights and burdens.

Ancestrally, what has been experienced is passed down and affects those in the family – often unconsciously.

Shame & Group Norms

Shame also relates to how we act in groups and social situations.

We may feel shamed into going along with group thinking, for fear of breaking the norm and being isolated (persecuted) for being different.

This affects us from limiting our spiritual growth to fear of changing our career/path to generally being different.

Shame & Persecution

Here if we are honest with ourselves and our interconnection with reality, we are all responsible for enforcing the frequency of shame over another.

We do this through our judgments which, however silent, create a boundary of what we deem to be acceptable for another to do, act, be, believe in.

Wherever this originates, it reflects shades of persecution.

These judgments, usually born out of our own programming, insecurity, ignorance, polarisation, lead to subconsciously letting others know what is OK and what is not.

Reflected by our own strong ideas of what is OK and not.

Shame and persecution go hand in hand because it is either ourselves who is persecuting ourself / another or others who are persecuting us.

A lot of this is purging our own projections yet also lifetimes of self and external persecution.

To persecute usually involves shaming another / others for their actions. This often leads to witch-hunts in society. It is a theme that we are karmicly healing on deep levels during this time.

Cancel culture is an example of this currently playing out. Increasing collective Polarisation will continue to encourage these shadow themes to the surface.

There is no persecutor in Divine consciousness (our natural state of being). This is a separated consciousness (3D) concept that needs to be transmuted in order to access true higher dimensional wisdom and awareness.

We begin to break out of this idea when we ourselves have to move through successive periods of immense change, forcing us to break free of group norm boundaries and our own rigid ideas of what is OK.

Our own Self Reflection leads to Ownership…leading to Compassion, Awareness, Understanding

The antidote to Shame

Our shamed parts within are seeking to be loved. Of course. Yet first they need to be heard, seen…the one thing Shame tells us not to seen.

To heal Shame we have to truly embody an idea that we talk about often yet cannot be appreciated until it permeates every inch of our consciousness….

…Unconditional Acceptance.

After this, there is great transformation.

Acknowledging shame allows us to make a powerful statement. We are no longer controlled by the idea of shame.

So how do we heal this?

You may be ready to face, embrace, heal and transmute your themes.

As always there are reasons to our story – and reasons why we are holding onto our story.

To move deeper into this state the emotions need to be met on deeper levels, as well as open up to release what is holding us back.

Here is a special Divine I AM transmission for Releasing Shame. It is multidimensional healing which involves clearing, release, unconditional acceptance and activation. Click here for more information:

To add to this process I also recommend self reflective writing…

Take a moment to connect to your heart. To your soul and your inner child. Let yourself know that you are about to begin a powerful healing process here. That it is ok.

Here you are talking to the parts of you that know they are about to be exposed. They need to feel safe from the one person they can do. You.

Begin writing out experiences or themes where you feel ashamed.

This process of bringing it to the surface is one of the most powerful healing tools of all.

You may feel like you’re trudging up the past for no reason. Perhaps. Yet what is coming up initially is just below the surface, otherwise you would not be so aware of it to heal it.

Just begin exploring what is happening by writing an account of what you are feeling. There is no need to make this positive. If you need to vent, then vent.

You may be a List writer! Then write a list of the times you have felt shame.

If you are feeling a great deal of emotional turbulence emerge, this is revealing already that you are healing.

Here conversing with a therapist, coach or otherwise can help you move through and understand what you’re processing. Soon your self awareness will mature to help process themes yourself in a larger way.

You can also listen to this free healing journey below to help settle your emotions…yet it’s recommended to allow your emotions to be felt rather than try to ignore them.

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