Which Reality?

With whatever is occuring in the world, on the surface it may look chaotic. 

Yet there is much that needs to clear. 

Just below the surface there is an energy, a frequency that is birthing through each of you that is incredibly pure, refined and innocent. 

As an energy healer I have been sensing collective energies for decades, yet it has never felt it so pure. This is partly because we are able to access higher energies yet also reflective of what is possible here.

At the same time, the way healing works is that a high energy will displace the densest first so it can be embodied. So getting used to experiencing two realities that are quite different to each other is our challenge. Much as it is to seeing this within us, the light and dark.

Yet which one we wish to focus upon, reside within as our base reality is upto each of us. It doesn’t mean we don’t engage with the other part, it just means one becomes our foundation we continuously return to and build.

We are living in strange times where the concept of linear reality is breaking down. 

What you experience as reality is different to me, and them and so on. 

We come together to experience bubbles of reality and then part again. Somehow it works together in a cohesive manner yet it also shows us that we each choose to see and experience the world the way we do.

So the question remains as Spirit keeps asking during these times…

What kind of reality do you wish to experience?….

Here is a prayer to honour the one that is calling

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