About Vaz

Namaste Friend, Welcome to my site.

Deep within is a Source of your Being that goes by many names. Yet it is also nameless. It is the Source of limitless power, love, wisdom, worth, confidence, potentiality. It is yours and you have access to this.

I have emerged from 15 years of intense depression by using a blend of eastern, western & channeled spiritual philosophies, together with many healing methods. Little did I know back then that my own journey of discovering how to escape deep limitation would give me a bounty of tools to support others. Since then I have committed my life to supporting the growth & awakening of all those drawn towards me.  

If you are new to my work, please explore my Meditations & Blog, as well as my Podcasts & YouTube Channel.

Vaz works as a Spiritual Guide, Lightworker Trainer & Mentor devoted to exploring consciousness

Vaz is a former Cityworker who transformed his life from over 15 years of intense depression. Being open to spiritual truth & philosophy since a young age, Vaz explored many paths to help him emerge from his experiences. Over time, spiritual growth, study and experience Vaz healed enough of his darkness into powerful strengths & has dedicated his life to the spiritual path ever since. Today he uses these tools, techniques to assist many others to open up to their Divinity, Empowerment and Love.

Vaz founded the London College of Spirituality, today with over 16,000 members exploring their spiritual growth and empowerment. Vaz is dedicated to preserving what is sacred. 

Advanced Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator

Reiki Master (Usui & Tera Mai)

Light Grids Practitioner

Theta Practitioner

EFT Practitioner

Metatronic Practitioner

Studied in Transpersonal Psychotherapy (2 yrs)

Studied in Person Centered Psychotherapy (1 yr)

Lightworker Mentor

Vaz trains people to step up to their dreams by radiating their Gifts to the World.

Founder of London College of Spirituality

Vaz set up the London College of Spirituality in 2007. It quickly grew to become the largest spiritual meetup in the world. www.londoncollegeofspirituality.co.uk

Founder of Divine I AM Transmissions

The Divine I AM Transmissions is a unique healing modality channeled and designed by Vaz Sriharan. Vaz offers Transmissions every month, as well as training individuals to become a Divine I AM Transmission Practitioner themselves.

Service Work

Vaz is involved in humanitarian and environmental work, through LCS and his private endeavours. All of Vaz’s work has a service element. He believes in the spirit of Seva ~ service to All.