Accommodation Details – Lake Siskiyou
We will be staying at the beautiful Lake Siskiyou Camp Resort, 3,000 ft up on the mountain itself, nestled in tranquil forests and overlooking the main peak. Set in beautiful shared cabins, in incredible scenery of forests, pure nature, a lake for daily swimming and right in the aura of the magical mountain. There are also ample walking trails around the forest and lake.
Please note ALL cabins are shared. There is a Private Bedroom and a main area, that varies in each cabin. Usually it includes a Sofa Bed, Bunks and/or Loft Space. The bathroom is shared between all members of the cabin (including those staying in the private bedroom).
Each cabin does have full Kitchen with all equipment to create your meals. A large fridge and Open Oven, Hob and utensils. There are balconies overlooking the lake and/or forests.
These cabins are beautiful, rustic and yet essentially basic. It is an opportunity to live in the forests, with nature. It is also a Communal space, another opportunity to open up in ways that is usually not possible in cities or other areas. We utilise this energy to create the unique heart field and this is why we use this as our base. However if you are staying externally, we will ensure you are brought into the energies well, and you are welcome to stay in the main areas of the campground during your stay with us.
Transfers / Transport option is available to those staying at the cabins only.
The Cabins suit those who wish to have a deeper experience with Nature itself.  If you prefer to stay in Mt Shasta town, you are welcome to – however please additionally arrange your own transport to come to the Lakes.
We ensure that for any females staying in the main area of the cabin, it will be female only. If you are seeking to have a cabin to yourself, and you are willing to invest more for your stay, please contact us via booking form. 
You will be designated Accommodation type upon booking. Please read our FAQ page for more about Shared Accommodation.
Getting to Mt Shasta
If you are making your own way to Mt Shasta, please click here