Radical Transformation

I AM Crystallisation Activation with Vaz Sriharan

ft Adya Nova


The I AM Crystalline Activations are an Initiation to upgrade you from one level of reality to another. These are advanced activations for those wishing to work more directly and interactively with higher energies, advance their spiritual growth, expand their consciousness and quantum leap into higher states of being

The Crystallisation Sessions are a personalised form of the popular Ascension Activations Vaz has offered over the years. This time focused directly on the Awakening of 1 individual – You.

These sessions work by anchoring the I AM template of your Divine inherent nature into the Now. Hereby Awakening and Activating all the elements within you that your Soul knows you are ready and able to access, embody and manifest.

Working with Soul Release, Soul Contracts, Soul Blueprints and Soul Love. Resulting in alignment to your Soul Purpose, Identity, Manifestation, Synchronicity, Harmony with Reality and movement towards living in the Flow State.

Who is this for?

Those seeking Accelerated Transformation. If you are experiencing deep themes in your life or are seeking radical positive change, these activations are designed to take you to the next level. Move through changes in days, weeks as opposed to what can take years or would never even occur without conscious initiation. This is the power of multidimensional activational work in creating quantum leaps.

Activations work on a very high level in our consciousness, awakening deep inner wisdom, higher energy centres and opening access to divine frequencies of love. They open you up to a new level of reality

During the session, Vaz brings in Intuitive Channel and his partner, Adya Nova to significantly amplify the frequencies, creating a unique heart centered healing field.

Registration Details

I AM Crystallisation Session
90 Minutes | Zoom (Online/Remote)

Please initially fill out this registration form for the session. This will help me understand your needs. Following this, you will be sent details about payment as well as available times and dates for the session to secure your booking.

These sessions are transmitted from Bali, one of the two meeting points of the Earth Dragon Lines. The dragon lines carry all of the planetary Power Portal frequencies. Vaz will bring these energies in during the session to amplify the energies as well as draw from each power portal for the attunements.

Vaz Sriharan

Vaz has worked extensively with Ascension growth over 20 yrs, resulting in phenomenal personal awakening and beautiful manifestations. Vaz uses his multidimensional gifts and channeled connection to the higher realms to initiate these shifts in others. Vaz works with Lemurian representatives of ascended light who bring their depth of ancient wisdom and heart centered intelligence of Ascension to support your accelerated Awakening.

Vaz is a transformational healer and guide. Founder of Divine I AM Transmissions, I AM Activations, Usui Reiki Master, Tera Mai Reiki Master, Light Grids Practitioner, Theta Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Person Centered Psychotherapy. Founder of the London College of Spirituality.

Adya Nova

Adya is a Visionary Artist, Intuitive Channel, Energy Healer (Reiki Master & Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Founder of Trailblazer Academy.

She is a co-organiser and facilitator at the London College of Spirituality founded by her fiancé Vaz Sriharan. She devotes all her work to Divine Consciousness, bridging multidimensional realms and bringing through healing frequencies and the light of Great Spirit through her work. Adya is a catalyst for others to remember their Divinity & Essence, aligning to clarity and opening up to the ever present Magic in life.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Words cannot describe how I felt, it’s the closest I have come to oneness and I’m still feeling it today. I’m humbled and truly grateful Vaz – thank you xxx”

— Claire, Cape Town

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“What I really got to enjoy working with Vaz these past few months is breakthrough…

We were able to dive in and go beyond all the layers covering my life purpose (and relationships) to then allow it to come to the surface and become clear…what we were able to accomplish in weeks i had been struggling with for almost 10 years”

— Sanjay, Jakarta