Energy Update – October 2020

The Battle between the Light & Dark is not out there. It’s inside Welcome to this Energy Update which essentially covers this Summer and leading into October.Timestamps are listed in the video on YouTube. EXTREME POLARISATION: BINARY VS NUANCEDThe increasing polarisation on the planet has manifested in many forms. From Brexit & Trump to Genders,Continue reading “Energy Update – October 2020”

Lemuria Rising

Journey deep into Lemuria, Telos and your Heart ❤ Meet your Lemurian Guide – Allow this guide into your life to begin assisting you in your life experiences, to be more Heart Centered – so you can be less reactive, fearful, unsure and more compassionate, light-hearted, joyful❤ Receive a transformative Crystalline Heart Activation. Awakening yourContinue reading “Lemuria Rising”

Enter the Forest: Meet the Great Mystery

This is a guided meditation to take you on a journey to meet the Great Mystery. This Eternal Essence is within you, around you, guiding you, supporting you, blessing you…watching over you. When we meet the Mystery we reactivate our inner Spiritual Connection to All That Is. We Remember that we are indeed loved andContinue reading “Enter the Forest: Meet the Great Mystery”

Group Conformity and Polarised Battles

Having emerged from what feels like a different kind of isolation over the past few months, it’s been interesting, fascinating, surprising to see the state of the world. I feel like I’ve been walked into another dimension. Yet the themes feel very familiar. Polarity Battles are being taken to another level. This has always beenContinue reading “Group Conformity and Polarised Battles”

10 Signs you’re a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker? Perhaps you like millions of others are exploring whether you are a Lightworker. Right now on the planet, the global Awakening is activating many, many souls to tap into their Soul Purpose. Why? It is an incredible design by the Universe to carry out a Higher Plan. Here are 10 signsContinue reading “10 Signs you’re a Lightworker”

When you focus, you also unfocus

We are fascinating creatures…when something takes the forefront of our consciousness we become preoccupied with it. The way our consciousness works is that as we focus on something, other elements in our life become less focused. Much like with our eyes, what is center is sharp, what is in the periphery is blurred. And thisContinue reading “When you focus, you also unfocus”

Root Chakra Activation

Adya and I held a special session, marking the beginning of our Chakra Activations. I have run these sporadically before over the years and they have been majorly powerful. Activational work shifts our core beliefs not just in this life, it works ancestrally and across reincarnational cycles. I remember when I last held an ActivationContinue reading “Root Chakra Activation”