4 Gateways of Soul Liberation

This guided spiritual meditation takes you on a journey through 4 phases of Liberation. If you are experiencing any form of stress, struggle, anxiety, depression, dark night of the soul, difficult/challenging experience – this journey is designed to support you in Surrendering to Source. Or simply if you want to move deeper into Surrender with the Divine 🙂

One of the most challenging aspects of our journey is to know how to Release, how to Receive, how to Accept ourselves. Each of the gateways offers a way to move through, offering a different form of liberation for your Soul each step. Allow yourself to be taken on this voyage back to who you truly are.

Blessings on your journey,

Meditation by Vaz Sriharan


The Quiet Ones

I have found the ones who question themselves the most – and read this as self criticism – are the ones who actually have a healthy relationship with their ego.

The ones who hide in the shadows with their real thoughts and feelings – who perhaps carry the most important messages of all.

The ones who have stepped back from distinctive ideologies and labels – are the ones taking their power back from group thinking.

The ones who don’t want to have a worldview vilifying others – are the ones meeting and making peace with their inner villains.

The ones who feel lost and have repetitive identity crises – are the ones continually walking through the fire of self initiation.

The ones who fear being egoic, for using their power and influence in any negative way – are the ones exploring a new way of being empowered.

The ones who resonate with all this above yet do not wish to feel superior to any other – are the ones who are exploring unity on extraordinary levels.

This is a message to the ones in the background.
The ones who are quiet.

I hear you.

Your messages are received powerfully on the soul planes.
It creates endless ripples of possibility, potential and hope.
It’s what keeps me inspired to believing we are co-creating a beautiful new world.


Reclaiming Your WillPower

I’ve been fasting since my last Transmission on Sunday. I usually do it several times a year. Often the priority is health or detox. Yet I mainly do it also to heal my emptiness and awaken my willpower

If you’ve ever fasted you know that it isn’t so much being hungry that makes it difficult. It’s also the fact that we divide our days based on our meals. Once you take out Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (or Elevenses, Brunch, Tea, Snacks) you’re left with…Space. 

This space usually evokes feelings of emptiness at first, part of the purging. The emptiness comes from our attachment to food of course but also reflecting something we do to make our day, our time, our life valuable. 

Throughout our life, the emptiness, or the void as it’s known, is always present as it’s part of our human experience. Our journey of awakening inner love means that love needs to move into an area.That area is the void. 

Our attachments to Fill Up can include anything. Food is just one. Distraction. Drama. Stimulants. Stimulation. Etc

There is nothing wrong with any of these, it’s only when they have become an antidote to living life itself. 

And the more we feed the void in our effort to fill up, the more we feel the emptiness….And the more we need things to make us fill the emptiness. Another loop. 

There are many things that can help us fill up more effectively and these of course include all the things good for us. Meditation. Healing. Exercise. Expression. Adventure. Creation. Laughter. Etc 

We know this.

So why don’t we do more of the good stuff and less of the other stuff? 

The key to shifting sideways from this loop is using your willpower to create change. Change evokes your life force and you…Live. Truly Live. 

And reclaiming your willpower is reclaiming your power. It’s no coincidence the word power is in willpower. 

It’s so easy to give in, give up, abandon something we said we’d commit to something. I know this on day 1 of my fast when it’s the hardest to start and continue and easiest to say, another time. Esp when sweet intoxicating aromas of food fill the house from other people’s cooking! 

It isn’t what’s easy that actually brings us happiness all the time. This is a common misconception. It’s the challenges in life that bring us real long lasting happiness

Because we strive through our more seductive limiting nature and Break Through… The Break Through reflects an emerging of our Power, Strength, Abilities, Personality Traits ~ Treasures we never knew we had.

We feel so relieved that we stayed the course 

Our free will needs to be trained or we can continue to feel powerless.

It’s like when you say I want to exercise but then say you can’t do it. Or you’ll do it later. Or start and then not continue the next day. That feeling of I can’t do it or won’t do it – isn’t actually you. It’s an idea that is incredibly seductive that becomes you when you adopt it.

And it evokes powerlessness. Yet it can always be thrown aside at any moment too. So why don’t we do exactly that?

Like with anything, we need small increments to make that change. And free will needs training. It’s always harder at the beginning because we have consistently given our power away and are actually addicted to the limiting scenario. The limiting scenario is our comfort zone and as powerless as it may make us feel….It’s comfortable. 

There are deeper reasons to this and it also reflects the personality we identify with the comfort zone.It gives us some form of value. 

Perhaps it says, we don’t need to show up in life.

Or we don’t need to succeed, for fear of failure.

So may as well not try.

There are many reasons for what we each create… 

When we treat our association with something limiting as an addiction, we are more able to see clearly what it truly is. Therefore, we take more applicable action to create change. 

So how do you train your free will? 

First it’s truly recognising that every day is an opportunity for you to reclaim your power back. Every moment. Right now…. 

And always begin small.

If you go for the end goal, it only re-emphasises the belief that you cannot do it when you’re unable to meet it.

Big goals aren’t meant to be accomplished straight away. It’s the small steps that organically lead to the bigger ones. 

If it is to bring meditation into your life, rather than say OK I’m going to do 1 hour every day!

Begin with 5 or 10 minute breathing each day. And keep it up for 1 week. Then expand. Same with Exercise. 

You see once you start, you have broken the rule that says you can’t do it. 

The other element is to recognise that we do these things not because we want to.

That’s another misconception.  

We do it because we need to. 

It’s part of our spiritual emotional mental physical health. Our Awakening.

Blessings on your journey,



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Being Responsible for your Dreams

What does it mean to be responsible for your dreams? How can block our own manifestations by not meeting the very dreams that we want to manifest?

Explore more in this video.

To delve deeper into this theme, here are some recommendations. As you write your dreams down, recognise that they will anchor in physical reality when you commit to them.

So how do you commit?

Find ways to bring in elements EACH DAY to move towards them. Yet begin small. As small as possible. Just five minutes. What can you do today to meet your dreams?

Perhaps it’s writing an outline of steps to take. Break those steps down into smaller steps on another day. Then eventually begin with one of those steps.

Perhaps it’s learning more about your craft. Read. Watch material related to your craft. Invest in your development. Get a mentor/coach.

How do you raise your vibration to meet the vibration of your dreams?

This will involve healing and clearing limiting beliefs that suggest the opposite. For example, beliefs that you are not worthy of your dreams, your gifts are not worthy, you are not good enough will have to be healed if you are to move away from the idea (illusion) that you are not good enough. Affirmational work, Healing, Journalling, general spiritual growth work all help in this regard. (I have a lot of free healing sessions on my sister YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Meditations…)

Simultaneously, there would need to be regular practice your life (daily if possible) of raising your vibration. This may again only be five minutes but that 5 mins makes a huge difference.

Again, Affirmations are great for this but also listening and watching content that matches that reality. Become aware of what you are intaking. Does it support your older reality or the new one you want to enter? For example, if you have ideas that attracting healthy abundance for your work is out of your reach, surround yourself with more affirmational, inspirational content to reprogram you to recognise that not only is it possible, it is inevitable for anyone who believes and tries.

Hope this begins to help you with your journey Lightworker or simply adds to inspire you and think differently about what is possible for you. It is always about the cumulative effect of positive reinforcement. Step up to your dreams, we need you!

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10 Signs you’re a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker?

Perhaps you like millions of others are exploring whether you are a Lightworker. Right now on the planet, the global Awakening is activating many, many souls to tap into their Soul Purpose.


It is an incredible design by the Universe to carry out a Higher Plan.

Here are 10 signs to see if you’re a Lightworker

  1. You feel that you have a Purpose. That your life isn’t an accident or chance. That within you are gifts, abilities that you want to awaken. You are drawn to exploring how to do that through Healing, Attunements, Learning/Training, Creativity.
  1. You have experienced many difficulties in your journey. Often feeling very sensitive / empathic which has led to deeply feeling your experiences. This often emerges as difficult, traumatic or non-existent relationships as you try to discover who you are and ultimately relate to yourself.
  1. You have a strong connection to Nature. You recognise Mother Earth as being a conscious ancient being. You deeply connect to the beauty of nature and immediately feel settled when you are in nature, or near water.
  1. You love to explore your Spirituality. To expand and tap into higher states of consciousness. You aim to live a life of beauty, wholeness
  1. You often feel that people do not understand you and your great positive optimistic visions for the world. You may seem idealistic to many, yet you carry the seeds of the Future. 
  1. You are moved easily by Art, Music, Visuals, Meditations. You can easily tap into your Soul sense of connection.
  1. You have a strong desire to reconnect to your Soul Family. Other souls like you who think like you, feel like you. 
  1. You love to make others feel good about themselves. This may be through your conversation or simply your presence. You often see the person in the room that needs the most attention or love and gravitate towards them. 
  1. You wish for equality amongst all humanity. You see the wars, greed in the world as bizarre and do not understand it. Your heart embodies peace, love, tranquility and you dream of living in a world that reflects this.
  1. You have natural intuitive, psychic skills that you may read as being empathic. You can tell very quickly when something is bothering someone.
  1. You feel strongly about where the world is going. You are drawn to teachings around positivity, awakening, ascension, what humanity is creating and anything that serves the New Consciousness.

If any or all of these call to you, you are a Lightworker.

A Lightworker is any soul that feels The Calling to awaken their soul gifts and bring them to the world – to shift consciousness. This can be anything from Music to Healing. From Teaching to Art.

Lightworkers are not special groups of people – everyone has the capacity to be a Lightworker, if they choose it. It dwells as a seed within each soul, waiting to be activated – by your Joy.

You have a powerful journey. Much will be asked of you because much will be given.

This is no ordinary path because you are being asked to create your own life according to your Soul’s wishes – which simultaneously you are being asked to discover!

The desire for soul family is a natural desire that is encoded within your Soul Blueprint. It is activated because Lightworkers are creating and co-creating the new earth. 

One of the key factors that face Lightworkers is unworthiness. I spend many years believing I wasn’t worthy to embody such a role as a Lightworker, nor did I believe I had any worthy gifts that people would want to experience. Yet I could never deny The Calling.

It is the Calling that echoes from your Divine Soul Blueprint that was set prior to your incarnation that will never be subdued.

There is a lot of healing and learning that Lightworkers have to go through to take their Dreams and anchor them into physical reality. Yet if you’re resonating with even a sliver of this post, you are being Called. And you, like so many of us, can do it.

When you begin to tap into the magic of your own gifts, and gain the confidence to express them into the world…the most fulfilling aspect of Lightwork is another soul being moved, touched, transformed by experiencing your gift.

Imagine that for a moment.

You bring something to the world that is uniquely yours.

And you enjoy expressing it!

The result is that it transforms others and adds to all the other unique expressions from other Lightworkers to create this great shift we call the Ascension.

Listen to that Call and Remember…All it takes is one step at a time. And before you know it, you are living your Soul Purpose.


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Activating Your Soul Purpose

The Ascension represents a global shift in consciousness. This can only occur with the individual Awakenings that occur for each soul. As the wave of Awakenings grow, the Great Shift grows. As you Awaken to your divinity and then awaken and express your gifts – you participate in the Ascension that you were born to do.

If you are reading this and you feel you want to create a life that is fulfilling and your work is your joy, then you are part of this growing movement.

These gifts are not given by accident. They are carefully designed prior to your incarnation and interweave your personal Divine Plan, the Divine Plan of all those you encounter and touch with those gifts; and the Universal Divine Plan. All are interconnected.

It took me a long time to recognise that I had gifts. I was incredibly inspired watching others radiate their wonderful gifts. Yet me? What did I have?

I began training in different healing modalities and coaching systems. I learned the world is my oyster and I can do anything I want. Yet this offered me too much choice. I was lost in the ocean of possibility. Directionless. Unfocused. Scattered with my creativity.

And when I did express them to the world, through writing blogs, creating videos, offering workshops, deep down I didn’t believe my gifts were worthy of being received. Who would want to hear my gifts? 

I realised there are so many wonderful trainings I could do, such as learn Reiki or Coaching. Yet none of them are really showing me how to actually do my Lightwork on a practical level. None of them dealt with the real life issues of expressing them and learning how to deal with self criticism, with money/worth issues, with pricing, with working out how to create focus with my insatiable creativity. None of them took into account that as a sensitive person, I was plagued with themes of unworthiness, uncertainty, lack of understanding of the practical themes and feared / lacked experience in being in my power, expressing or managing my business from a spiritual perspective.

It took me many years and additional trainings to learn how to bring all of this together. What I learned is that sensitive lightworkers have a different journey. As I moved through the challenges and hurdles, I began to step out and soon I found myself naturally supporting others like me in doing the same. I found something fascinating: there are an incredible amount of souls who are – well, hiding.

Hiding in shadows with their gifts, just like I was. Many without any indication that they even have any gifts. Many others feeling the Call, yet not knowing which direction to go or How to proceed. 

So what is the Call?

The Call is in your Divine Blueprint. It is in your Core Essence and has been planted within you prior to your incarnation. It carries your Soul Purpose and Mission. It is the very essence of what you are here to carry out in the world. 

It carries the blueprint of your Soul Purpose. This includes all of your innate gifts that have been given to you upon entering Human Life. As well as all of the gifts that can be awakened through conscious spiritual work.

The Call is activated at any point and you know if it is present within you, if these words resonate:

  • You know you are here for a reason.
  • You know deep down, the Universe has a beautiful plan for you.
  • You know you want to assist the Great Shift and support the Ascension.
  • You know you want to help Humanity and Mother Earth.
  • You know your Gifts will allow you to do this.

You may not know how any of this occurs! Yet this knowing is incredibly powerful. It reveals that you are Ready.

Ready for what?

Ready to begin moving towards your dreams. Because your dreams are merged with your Soul Purpose.

One of the most powerful phrases that Spirit gave to me was:

The expression of your Lightwork is more important than any insecurity you may have in carrying it out.

In other words, your Gifts are more important than your fears and doubts. Because they are implanted within you to assist the world. When we keep them to ourselves, we are denying the Great Shift what it needs. We are denying every single soul who could benefit from our Message. And that Message may be Art, Music, Healing, Teaching, Coaching, anything your Heart is calling to express.

Your Gifts are Gifted to you so you can Gift them to the Planet.

Listen to these Affirmations around Soul Purpose, to bring in more of your gifts and your Lightwork towards you. I created these for those I train to activate their innate gifts. Remember the more you allow yourself to believe in yourself, the more you move into the arena of living your soul purpose as opposed to watching others live theirs.

Divine Timing doesn’t mean we sit back and wait for the Universe to work for us. It means when we even feel the slight fluctuation of that Calling within, that says even for one moment, I want to express my gifts and serve the Shift. Then we start working towards it.

Yes there are many fears to face and hurdles to encounter. This will take time, patience and perseverance. Which can be difficult for many sensitive souls! As I know well. Yet it will happen if you commit.

Believe in yourself Lightworker, we need your Gifts

Namaste, Vaz


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Vaz Sriharan: Mentor, Guide, Healer

Vaz is a Lightworker Mentor and loves to awaken Souls to their Divine Purpose. After traversing his own journey through the many challenges and hurdles, he know focuses on supporting other souls in activating their soul mission. He also loves to give people a good shake up so they wake up to the incredible reality that is waiting for them!


Sacred Union Healing: The Wounded Feminine & Wounded Masculine

We often feel that we are working to balance our Masculine and Feminine, yet we also need to look deeper into these themes to assist with our healing. There is a current idea that the world has become too masculine and needs to balance with feminine principles.

Whilst its absolutely lacking in terms of feminine principles, the world has actually polarised to a distorted (wounded) masculine rather than a true masculine energy.

And for many sensitive souls there is generally a polarisation to a distorted (wounded) feminine.

It is important we look at these themes less as a Men/Women scenario and more as the feminine and masculine frequencies that are within each of us.

Here are some themes that may resonate:

Wounded Feminine Principles


  • Too Allowing
  • Hyper Sensitivity (there is a difference between hyper sensitivity and empathy)
  • Too receptive
  • Waiting for things to happen
  • Rejection of Material, Practicality, Rational logic, Responsibility
  • Money Issues: Rejection of practicality of life
  • Fantasy driven, Magical Thinking
  • Fear of conflict
  • Fear of handling situations
  • Disempowerment around others
  • Playing it Meek
  • Fear of being egotistical
  • Excessively validating others and/or excessively seeking validation from others
  • Excessively Emotional (emotions out of control)Unresolved pain/fear towards the Masculine as a whole (symbolised through projection onto Men or masculine orientated Women)

Wounded Masculine Principles


  • Alpha = Winner
  • Winner/Loser
  • Domination
  • Force
  • Abuse of Power (to feel big)
  • Falsely relaying one’s accomplishments
  • Extreme Rationalism
  • Rejection of Intuition, Allowance, Receptivity
  • Relationship Issues: Fear of intimacy, rejection of intimacy
  • Disconnected to Life, People, Self
  • Excessively Competitive
  • Fear of being seen as weak
  • Fear of Emotions (emotions are suppressed)
  • Playing it Big (distortion)Inability to praise another
  • Unresolved pain/fear towards the Feminine as a whole (symbolised through projection onto Women or feminine orientated Men)

So how do we balance?

To first balance we first acknowledge the Shadow.

The Shadow teaches us Everything.

It teaches us that what are triggered by is seeking resolution within.

So initially it can more helpful to look at the polar opposite distorted principles before looking at the balanced ones.


Because they will show us what is triggering us and what actually requires balance!

Which ones of these traits are driving you nuts?

There is balance being sought by your Being as it attempts to reach across the pole — and find your balance.

This is why we react, get triggered — its our soul’s way of letting us know,

“Hey, look at this,

This is a trait that is opposite to what we have,

Lets bring it closer because we actually need some of its medicine!”

Usually for the distorted feminine, it culminates in a rejection of power, ego. For the distorted masculine, it is usually encapsulated by a rejection of emotions, intuition and openness.

Whilst one may look the better to us, this really shows us how polarised we have become — within ourselves. It is critical we let go of the external stories — whether collective or past stories around these principles. These will only cloud us further. These stories are meant to reveal our shadows rather than strengthen polarised ideas further.

Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine


What does it look like?

Divine Feminine qualities can include:

Intuition, Nurturing, Receptivity, Magnetism, Tenderness, Rejuvenation, Connection, Flexibility, Flow, Fertility, Gentleness, Beingness, Surrender, Faith, Softness, Healing

Divine Masculine qualities can include:

Strength, Direction, Clarity, Perseverance, Action, Practicality, Grounded, Courageous, Adventurous, Movement, Knowingness, Confidence, Boundaries, Logic, Earthy, Responsibility

Yet the key is recognising the individual journey.

It is essentially a balance of both — that is unique to each soul.

Here there is a genuine love and admiration for each other’s principles — within. What they represent. What they can teach us.

Yet for each soul, there is a different equilibrium that works for each. The key is to see what your triggers are, as this is your unique desire for equilibrium in that area.

All souls range across the broad spectrum of personality traits. Its simply whether we are stepping up to what our soul is seeking for.

Ultimately Sacred Union is a unique balance of this for each soul.

As you cultivate Sacred Union energy within, which is an ongoing frequency integration — this reflects outward. In how you relate to others. How you feel about yourself. How you attract and magnetise partners and friends. Who they are.

And here you begin to access the far wider scope of your potential that you may have identified with. You may be drawn to express this in any way or with anyone. This is not to say that we must always be in mixed company to feel empowered. In fact gender only groups can initiate profound healing.

It is to recognise that you are on your own journey.

What you have to learn is different from your sister or brother. It is your journey.

You have so much within.

Believe in yourself….And let another side out


Inner Sacred Union Healing

If you’re seeking to move deeper into this healing by embracing transformational growth: Experience this Multidimensional Healing & Activation session for Inner Sacred Union (Accelerated Relationship Healing): https://vimeo.com/ondemand/relationshipactivations/639855814

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra (Vyapini in Sanskrit), also known as the 8th Chakra, is part of your energy field. It is not located in the physical body (like the 7 main Chakras and others). It is said to be 12 inches to 3 feet above your Crown chakra. It is multidimensionally connected with your Higher Self.

Some believe the Soul Star Chakra is Golden. Others say it is White. This is because the Soul Star is associated with Ascension. As is the nature of Transpersonal Chakras, their colours are subjective to the experiencer.

The Soul Star is also known as the Seat of your Soul. It’s very name symbolises what it is carrying…your Soul Vibration. When awakened, it gives the individual access to their greater nature – their Soul Nature.

Spiritual Awakening & the Soul Star

The Soul Star Chakra is the Gateway to your higher consciousness. The 7 main chakras are designed for human living on planet earth. The Soul Star takes this a step further and allows those who are spiritually awakening / on the path to access more of their multidimensional self.

During the process of Awakening, the Soul Star is key in opening up to a newer reality. It is already experiencing a higher reality and is channeling this down to upgrade the individual.

Those of you who are already awake to your inherent nature i.e. you know that you are a divine being here incarnating on the earth – have your Soul Star awakening to some degree. This is in one sense why you are awake.

The more it is activated and awakened, the more it is able to access your multidimensional reality. For the express purpose of allowing you to live here with a more multidimensional and expanded consciousness.

Here your Soul Star is able to plug you into Spiritual Reality.

You begin to have many more Spiritual Experiences.

The veil between the realms begin to fade as you are more open to what reality is.

The Soul Star and the Earth Star

The Soul Star is balanced by the Earth Star, just as the Crown is balanced by the Root.

Therefore an Earth Star grounded individual will be able to embody and utilise their Soul Star to it’s primary purposes. Otherwise there will be disassociation from reality and inability to feel genuine grounded divine love.

Much like a battery needs both ends connected to be of use, the Soul Star needs the Earth Star activated to be able to channel its energy usefully. (See Symptoms of an Unbalanced Soul Star further down)

The Earth Star is particularly important for those who are awakening to anchor the evolving multidimensional being.

The Soul Star is particularly important for those who are awakening to reach higher into expanded states of consciousness.

The Soul Star and Earth Star provide a balanced union for those expanding their spiritual journey.

Connection to Multidimensional Reality

The Soul Star carries Divine light in purified form and carries codes and keys related to your Sacred Blueprint. It effectively knows who you are!

Via the Soul Star, individuals can access more of their multidimensional nature such as past lives, Akashic Records, memories from other dimensions/realities.

Artwork by Krystleyez

As you activate and awaken your Soul Star you will feel a greater association with your timeless self. You will likely feel more compelled to discover more about your multidimensional nature such as past lives, star lives, your existence beyond this plane.

The Soul Star works in tandem with your Crown Chakra and so both activated allows you to have a free flow of information.

Additionally those who have an active and awakened Soul Star significantly increase their channeling abilities, psychic skills and empathic nature. As it is via the expanded awareness that your multidimensional abilities reach into.

Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the higher aspect of your Greater Self. It is guiding you, overseeing you, nudging you, loving you through every single moment of your existence. Your Soul Star connects intimately with your Higher Self and allows for a healthier communication to occur between you both.

This helps in getting clear with your earthly human choices, direction, meaning in life.

Divine Love

The Soul Star is also connected to rarified light. This allows you to bring in Divine Light/Love into your being and often leads to an incredible sense of Oneness.

When the Soul Star “pours down” divine light through the Crown and into the body (ensuring it reaches the Earth star) there is an incredible sense of Divine Connection.

This Divine Love allows you to know yourself that you are supported, loved, cared for, guided, watched over and taken to each experience – if you allow it.

Universal Compassion, Selflessness, Surrender are resulting embodiments of an active Soul Star. You feel connected to All That Is, Humanity, Mother Earth. Your intentions here become naturally aligned to your higher will.

The Soul Star, Trust & The Ego

The Soul Star also commands respect from the Ego in order to be active.

The Ego needs to feel in control of your life, to feel safe. It needs to know what is happening now, next and forever more! Even then it is never settled. It is continuously seeking to know everything about your reality from a mental space.

The Soul Star asks you Trust, Surrender and Let Go to Something Greater. It asks the Ego to move into the backseat while your Soul moves into the driving seat. Here, you are led through experiences and often you may not understand what or why you are experiencing what you are. Yet such is the nature of Divine Trust.

An awakening Soul Star will take you through many Challenges – these are experiences in your journey that will help you grow. When you see these are opportunities for expansion rather than “why is this happening to me”, you embody more of the true vibration of your Soul Star. This can be challenging of course, yet it is the Universe’s way of training you here on your path of Awakening.

Because the Soul Star is connected to your Soul Identity, it allows you to significantly expand your perspectives and perceptions of reality.

Here you are able to step out of your earthly identity and tap into your more expanded self. This allows you to make decisions and understand reality from a higher perspective. You are no longer limited by the struggles and issues that you face personally – you open up to the grander meaning and great design of the Universe

The Grand Design & Divine Wisdom

Your Soul Star is synchronised with the Universe and therefore appreciates the Bigger Picture. It is speaking on your behalf on a cosmic scale. When you think of yourself asking for the Universe for help and assistance, there is a saying that the Universe has your back. This is true. Yet the Soul Star is the one that is having your back at these greater levels.

It is continuously attuning and synchronising your earthly nature with your higher nature.

If you imagine your Soul Star as a guiding light above the top of your head. It’s light acts as a lighthouse, scanning the horizons and “seeing” into reality on a far deeper level than your human born senses can.

Here it is downloading the Higher Meaning, Higher Understanding, Higher Wisdoms related to your earthly experiences to understand them.

Divine Knowingness

Whilst the Crown Chakra is related to Wisdom and Knowingness, the Soul Star is operating on a higher, purer form of Divine Wisdom and Divine Knowingness. Here it understands multidimensional reality to the degree that it is in continual communication with your Higher Consciousness.

Those who have an awakened Soul star feel very at ease with reality because they know.

This knowing is different to knowledge. It isn’t like the Ego’s need to know everything. Here it is knowing that everything that is occurring to you is part of something greater, even if you don’t know what that is.

This is the beauty of Unknowingness and Knowing.

Great Central Sun & Shift in Consciousness

The Soul Star is connected to the Great Central Sun and is awakening during these times naturally due to the Earth’s proximity to the Galactic sun.

The Great Central Sun has a pivotal role in the multidimensional nature of human beings on planet earth.

The rarified light from the Great Central Sun has a significant impact upon the Soul Star. During the last few thousand years, the distance from the Great Central Sun has meant that the Soul Star has in a way become dormant. All of this has been designed as part of humanity’s journey.

Now as the earth moves more and more into the stream of energies from the Great Central Sun, the Soul Star is awakening – and thus it is awakening individuals all over the globe. It is working in tandem with many of the other elements that are shifting collective consciousness.

Magnetising your Reality, Manifestation, Your Tribe, Your Soul’s Desires

Your Soul Star is magnetic in nature.

Here it is connecting upwards to your Higher Self and horizontally you could say to magnetise what your Soul seeks towards you. Vertically it is exchanging information from/to your consciousness back into higher reality.

It is continuously communicating at higher levels and working with other souls that you meet – and are yet to meet.

When you have a soul desire and you act upon it (become aware of it then take action) – your Soul Star follows through by magnetising into your reality those who match your frequency and serve (both-ways).

What we often call magic is the Soul Star’s ability to tap into Synchronicity, Magnetism and the unseen realms.

Giving your Soul Star more attention will allow you to have greater understanding and ‘success’ with your manifestations, which rely upon Trust above all else.

The Soul Star and Healing Work

During multidimensional healing work, the Soul Star (And Earth Star) are key in accessing higher states of consciousness. This is additionally because the Soul Star can access the key aspects of reality that are needed for greater healing, such as past lives, karmic themes etc.

Symptoms of an Unbalanced Soul Star

  • Disconnection from Spirit, Source, Universe, Spirit Guides
  • Unable to understand the greater meaning behind your experiences
  • Feeling unsupported by the Universe
  • Feeling lack of Divine Love
  • Alone, empty, lost, confused
  • Disassociation with Physical Reality (Escapism)
  • Directionless, Purposeless, Meaningless
  • Feeling unworthy of living from your Soul’s desires
  • Unsure what your Soul’s desires are
  • Loss of Trust in your Life, Universe, Spirit
  • Extended victim consciousness
  • Disownership of your reality
  • Disconnected from Ideas, Creativity, Imagination
  • Yearning for Home ‘elsewhere’
  • Blocks to multidimensional gifts such as psychic abilities and channeling

Connecting with your Soul Star

Repeat these affirmations and then follow this simple connection

  • I am connected to my Soul
  • I am an expression of my Higher Consciousness
  • I invite all of who I am to be here, now
  • I honour my multidimensional nature
  • I honour my Transpersonal gifts
  • I allow
  • I receive

Meditation to connect with your Soul Star

  • Breathe into your body and connect to a ball of light just below your root chakra
  • Visualise a bright star
  • Meet your Earth Star Chakra here and feel it grounding you. This is to allow you to journey upwards
  • Now imagine light travelling all the way up through your body, through your chakras.
  • Through your crown until it meets a ball of light just above your head.
  • Meet your Soul Star Chakra…
  • Imagine it’s joy. It’s purpose is to expand, teach, train you on planet earth to your beautiful divine nature.
  • Repeat to yourself “I honour you Soul Star for all that you provide. I ask you to harmonise with the rest of my field”
  • Take 3 deep breaths into the Soul Star and imagine it glowing and expanding
  • Imagine it pouring down light through your Crown and the rest of your chakras, until it means your Earth Star chakra just beneath your feet.
  • Feel its joy increased
  • Feel it literally opening you up to higher consciousness.
  • Feel it stretching you
  • Feel it embodying you with Divine Love.
  • Smile into your Soul Star and know it is supporting you.
  • Breathe back into your body down into the earth so you feel grounded before continuing on with your day.

Blessings on your journey, Vaz

Multidimensional Attunement

If you wish to go deeper and activate your Soul Star Chakra. Join us for a multidimensional Attunement: Soul Star Chakra Attunement

Meeting Gaia: Earth Magic & Activation

You have a deep and powerful connection to Mother Earth. One that spans across lifetimes and lifetimes. She knows who you are intimately, on a soul level. Gaia carries energetic codes and frequencies and is also known as a Living Library of wisdom, information and magic. Indigenous peoples and cultures since the dawn of time have worked with this Earth Magic for the benefit of all. We will be working with Gaia, your Ancestors and Earth Magic itself to anchor for your Soul Awakening.

This is part of a Soul Awakening Series by Vaz Sriharan.

Your Galactic Heritage

What feelings stir when you see a picture like this (above)?

Feelings of wonder…awe…longing….familiarity?

There is something otherworldly that is anchored within your DNA consciousness of extraterrestrial contact.

This knowledge spans human history and we do not need to look far to see evidence of mankind’s fascination with the stars and life beyond.

As humanity awakens during these times and recognises that life is more than what we have collectively told ourselves for the recent aeons of time, doorways to a more evolved version of reality open.

In other words humanity is now recognising it not alone in the Universe yet life out there is actively involved in the very progression of life here.

There are many labels trying to explain this connection. Starseeds is one of them. Yet this phrase also presumes that only a select few of humans have a galactic lineage. Where these Starseeds enter the earth plane for physical experience, amongst a species that is quite unlike them.

However when we look at reality from a soul level rather than a human personality level, we see that souls are multidimensional and engage in a wide range of experiences for soul growth and adventure.

Humanity itself sits in the stars. Mother Earth is a galactic consciousness. When we look upon our planet and ourselves from the perspective of another species – we are the aliens.

Humanity is a collection of a multidimensional and multi-special cross breeding of galactic races.

We know of some of the main ones largely due to the advent of higher consciousness channeling since the late 60’s. Pleiades. Lyra. Orion. Arcturus. Andromeda. Sirius…

Yet indigenous peoples have had within their life contact with otherworldly beings for aeons. The native Americans have a strong connection to the Pleiadians for example. Many others do not label their contact with any specific name that we may recognise.

Artwork by Adya Nova

If you are drawn to exploring your galactic nature, you are already making contact.


Contact occurs on many levels. Largely it occurs on unconscious levels as awareness of direct contact can conflict with the purpose of contact itself.

On a Soul level when you fall asleep you leave your body. You may have many dreams yet there are real experiences occurring with you doing ‘work’ with your galactic families for the betterment of humanity and Mother Earth. These actions go far beyond your human life mission and so they will be naturally moved to behind the veil of your consciousness (unconsciousness).

As you deepen and strengthen your connection to yourself and your Star family, you may beginning remembering your time with them.

Artwork from Lyssa Royal’s book: Prism of Lyra

So why are they here?

Our galactic neighbours are here for many reasons, many of which we will never be able to understand at our level of consciousness. Yet their presence is overwhelmingly benign as we can see from the tremendous advanced level of wisdom that has come through with their presence, which when applied leads to accelerated soul growth and well, happiness.

This isn’t superficial happiness, it’s grounded authentic happiness that comes from challenging self healing work.

It involves moving through the eye of the needle of unity consciousness, which they have surpassed themselves.

Earth. Jewel in the Skies

The Earth plane is seen as a mammoth ‘experiment’ of multitude or races come together under the ‘lawlessness’ of free will. There was a very recent time where humanity may have ended in disaster. Yet post 1999, the timelines shifted and Earth and her crew are heading towards the prophecied golden age.

Artwork by Gilbert Williams

It is said there is a line of souls waiting for your spot on planet Earth. That is how many wish to be here for the ascension. Whilst other galactic races have moved through their own ascension from 3rd dimensional reality, humanity’s is like no other. It represents an ascension through pure free will in pure duality, which as volatile as it has been – has already been accomplished.

Yet it may seem like the world isn’t looking like the golden age right now right?

Yet the stones have been paved. The steps taken. It is now inevitable.

What is occurring now is an emergence of what needs to be released so the rebirth can occur.

So who wouldn’t want to watch that occur in real time?

Galactic Presence

The next best thing that these civilisations can do is to support and participate from the sidelines.

Yet they also have a vested interest that goes even deeper. Many of them have their own very family members here. In other words souls who have spent a prolonged amount of time in their worlds who offered to dive deep into humanity’s frequency to support this shift.

These are essentially all souls. Who are known as starseeds.

Yet Starseeds who awaken to their knowingness have an important journey in integrating into humanity and seeing the unique beauty of spaceship Mother Earth.

To anchor Heaven on Earth through Remembering Who You Are.

To experience a dimensional frequency such as the Earth’s involves past experience with such frequencies. In that way, everyone is human and everyone is a Starseed of some form. Some are just beginning to remember their heritage. Others will in time.

Are they preparing for direct contact?

What are their messages?

With time on their side, the galactic races who interact with humanity have largely moved through the stages of ascension on their home world. There are many stages of ascension and moving through dimensional boundaries (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) are some of them.

Humanity is shifting from 3rd to 4th to 5th dimensional consciousness. This means we are are escaping the seduction of duality and moving into unity consciousness. We are leaving behind the obsession with light vs dark and loving towards an integrated understanding of reality.

This is a large element of what our galactic messengers bring. They offer their own unique experiences moving through this and they know it’s not easy. Each civilisation has had a unique journey with it….and so have you.

This is because you are not new. You are ancient and have lifetimes upon lifetimes in other realms and dimensions. Other planets and experiences.

This question will always return to:

Why did you come to planet Earth?

That answer is what your Star family is supporting. Your purpose isn’t as just a career, although this is indeed a manifestation of your expression. It is about how you connect with others, how you grow and learn, how you serve the greater whole, how you serve your soul’s desires, how you deepen your connection to your home here on Earth, how you bring that higher consciousness into the Earth plane.

When you look up at the stars, countless civilisations are looking up at you, from their home worlds.

It can evoke a deep sense of longing when you yearn for your galactic familiarise embrace and energy. Yet they are always reminding humanity that our focus is here, now. To yearn or miss something not here is to waste precious time on planet Earth.

The key is to awaken that memory in your heart yet remember to be here

Are you seeking to strengthen your connection with your galactic guides?

Multidimensional transmissions are a way to deeply connect to your spirit guides and star guides.

Explore these free experiences below to discover your own unique connection:

Blessings on your journey star traveller


Artwork by Kagaya

Healing Our Trust

Throughout my life during my most difficult experiences, I had the conflict between the part of me that was saying, Why does this keep happening? And a new part that was saying, Perhaps this is happening because you have something to learn here.

As I allowed this latter part to be nurtured, I learned how to trust in things that had no reason to be trusted in.

Currently on the planet, since this pandemic began every one has been asked to trust in ways they never thought possible before. When it comes to our livelihood, work, health, reality…humanity is being trained in a new type of Trust.

Trust (and Faith) are what carry us through difficult, challenging experiences..yet it is so much more than that.

Trust isn’t just blindly believing.

It is more than believing.

It is knowing.

What prevents us from Trusting in our self?

Throughout our life, through the challenges and difficulties we go through, it is very easy to lose trust in ourselves.

We believe we have made bad or wrong decisions – which is why we had those “bad” experiences.

We then begin the process of losing trust in making decisions themselves.

We second guess.

We procrastinate.

We stall from moving forward.

We lose our natural playfulness.

We become more serious.

Every decision and action has more of a weight to it. It seems to carry the lineage of consequences that can go wrong – if we make wrong decisions.

Here, intuition is completely stifled as it needs to be believed in if it is to be accessed.

Intuition is your gateway to the Divine and the Inner Realms. Your Soul is guiding the way continuously, yet if you are confused with so many thoughts, analyses and fears of making wrong decisions, how can you hear your soul’s desires?

The Roadblocks to Trust that we need to face

Blame, control, fear of letting go, victim consciousness all cloud our natural ability to trust in life.

Victim consciousness is where we believe that we are not responsible for our life and that life happens to us.

In other words, like the proverbial feather in the wind, we are thrown about by life’s whims. This leads to immense feelings of suffering, struggle, hopelessness, powerlessness.

When we take our power back and own our reality, we say: I choose to take from my experience what I need to take. I trust….

This leads to us to enjoy life because we have chosen to see it from a completely different angle.

Surrendering to Something Greater

This is the power of Trust.

It is a Surrender to the Divine.

A surrender to Life itself.

When you trust that life is not the enemy…then Every experience becomes one that serves you.

You are OK with things not going your way because you know, if it goes another way then you are being asked to learn something.

You do not chastise yourself for thinking, doing, acting in the wrong way. You see yourself as a soul, like all others, who is learning, growing, discovering, who they are and how to interact with reality.

During these current times, we are being asked to trust in an every changing realty. If you put your trust in others or what you see externally, then you can be thrown like that feather. As others are always discovering who they are and what they believe in.

Here we begin to move with each step not needing anything outside of us to feel safe. We feel safe with who we are, what we have experienced, where we are being taken.

Blessings on your journey, Vaz

Trust & Surrender Multidimensional Healing

If you want to go deeper into your personal & spiritual development, explore this multidimensional healing session for Trust. Here we work to clear limiting beliefs around Trust & Surrender, mistrust, distrust, fear of letting go, control, blame, victim consciousness, fear, uncertainty…And activating Inner Trust, Divine Trust and Knowingness.

Rising from the Ashes (Depression)

18 years ago this November, I came out of the most intense period of my life. A “depression” that lasted 15 years of battling daily suicidal thoughts and actual attempts.

Although I was aware spiritually since birth, this became part of the problem. Born into a world that didn’t seem to be. Unable to communicate what I was seeing, feeling, experiencing. And throughout all this, an extreme unworthiness crippling every moment. Believing I could never be loved. That I would never amount to anything.

Yet, I held on. Something kept me going. An inner knowing, no matter how small, of the importance of this time and of all soul’s paths.

The word Depression doesn’t do this time justice. For me it was hell, lost in an ever deepening well with no ropes to climb up. A place of indescribable turmoil…Yet it demanded something else.

It demanded me to RISE.

I came to a point in my life where I realised, I have no choice. I can’t keep destroying my soul in this way. Through alcohol, drugs, yes, yet the most destructive was the intense negative self talk…all of which was wounding my soul with every stroke. I had a million whiplashes at my own hand.

No matter how many healers I went to, it didn’t seem to provide liberation. And at the last point, 15 yrs into it, I realised why.

I hadn’t fully committed.

I thought I had nothing left, like the story of Job, God had seemingly taken everything.
Yet I was being asked to surrender something else. Something I never considered.

My free will

And with this, the last element of control which I thought was keeping me alive

As I surrendered to what felt like ultimate despair, a gentle super soft force came over me and showed what I had to do.
I had to Commit to this new life I so desperately wanted

A workshop, even every week, wasn’t going to save me. It wasn’t enough.

I had to do the work.


So I did. Every day. For 8 months, morning, afternoon and night. Writing. Healing. Affirmations. Shadow work. Exercise.

And I had help, which was pivotal. A White Witch, believe it or not, supported me for 6 months with affirmative encouragement. A form of Coaching essentially
I got rid of my phone. Went insular for almost a year.

A long story short, as many other elements were involved – on a brisk sunny day in November 2002 I walked the streets of London and I felt it. I remember the day so clearly.

I stopped and realised, it had happened. Somehow I was free. The first moment since early childhood I felt happiness / peace swelling inside, and staying

Sure the voices were still there, yet the volume was way lower. I felt happy. Confident even. And it was growing


My life began as a naive hyper sensitive soul.
My life demanded a heart centred Warrior.

And so for the next 15 years I worked to develop this, and to help others. As what seems to happen for those who emerge from deep trauma. A natural desire to lift others out of theirs.


No matter how dark the room, there is always a light.

No matter how deep you have dug your hole, there is always a way out.


Today I feel immensely blessed to be in a loving relationship, living my soul’s passion, support of my loving family, and guiding people around the world to awaken their inner love. Sure life has its ups and downs, and I have a lot of stuff I work on, yet in my wildest dreams I had hoped for such a life. It felt a fantasy back then. It’s actually happening.

Today I realise my scars are my most treasured reminder that my intrepid soul chose to face God’s greatest challenge for me. Which is why it is and will always be my single greatest achievement.


For me, there are two ways to change our life.

Trauma or Choice

Trauma creates the intensified conditions to rise up to a challenge, in order to Change.

Choice creates the challenge so you don’t need the trauma, in order to Change

Choose the latter. Trauma can occur yet we can pre-empt it. When you commit to what you truly want, when you challenge yourself to rise up to it, when you seek support, it will always happen with perseverance.

Freedom! The Life you want. It’s yours for the taking

This is also an energetic shout out to all those waiting for their own liberation 🙏🏽 You may think you’re alone, yet I think about you every day 💞

Big love, Vaz

Closing the Day to Begin Anew

How do you feel at the end of a long day?

Spiritually connected?

If you’re like most people then that is unlikely.

And that is Ok!

You’ve had a day filled with experience. Conversations with others perhaps. Interactions whether passive or active, involve energy exchanges. Thoughts, emotions from dawn till dusk….You’ve had a lifetime of a journey in a day!

Mornings are often connected with practices such as meditation or yoga to begin the day with connection.

Yet the evenings are just as important, as opportunities to connect, offer gratitude and cleanse.

The thoughts and emotions from the day build up.

What usually happens is that small unnoticed self limiting thoughts stay until we fall asleep. It is here when our subconscious mind begins assessing the day’s activities – reinforcing, rewriting or writing anew the belief systems that dictate what we experience in our daily life.

Often many of us approach sleep with many fragmented thoughts / feelings through the day – Apart from beautiful ones, others may perhaps include feelings of lack, regret, being too hard on ourselves, criticism, judgment…built up through the day. These all contribute to the ideas we have about ourselves (self love) and reality.

The small interactions we have by exploring the Internet are also energy exchanges where we give / take our ‘power’ in many ways. Or how we perceive others…

This again can reinforce limiting belief systems we have about ourselves & the world.

This is all normal human behaviour of course! Yet if we want to elevate our consciousness and lifestyle to more fulfilling ways, being genuine about our daily life helps us know what we may need.

Power of Prayer

A ritual or a prayer before bed is a powerful way of setting an intention to let go of the day just had, honour it and embrace what is to come.

Prayers are extraordinary powerful tools in accessing the Divine. This is because they are devotional in nature and use your free will to state what you want.

Here if it is to let go of the day with loving kindness then you will – your subconscious mind listens and reinforces the positive spiritually orientated ideologies within you. In other words – you reinforce your path towards happiness, self love & connection.

Here is an “Evening Prayer” I created to listen to and close your day with reflection, kindness & gratitude. Notice how you feel just afterwards. The more you recite your own intentions or listen to prayers such as these, the more you anchor the vibration you are calling as your core reality.

Blessings on your journey


Earth Star Chakra

The transpersonal chakras are multidimensional in nature and represent important elements for our consciousness.

The Earth Star Chakra (Vasundhara) – also known as the Super Root – is part of your energy field. It is not located in the physical body (like the 7 main Chakras and others). It is said to be between 6-7 inches to 12 feet beneath your feet (some feel it closer than others). It is multidimensionally anchored within Mother Earth.

Vasundhara is Sanskrit for ‘Daughter of the earth’. It represents your extension from Mother Earth. It also represents your soul’s roots into this reality.

Some say this chakra is brown representing the land, or aqua, representing water. Others say magenta. As with Transpersonal chakras, due to their multidimensional nature, colours are subjective to the individual.

It is said to symbolise a Star Tetrahedron, resembling a Merkaba.

The Higher you reach, the lower you anchor

The Earth Star Chakra has many purposes, amongst which includes grounding the entire energetic system. Whilst the Root Chakra is devoted to grounding, the Earth Star is particularly important for those who are spiritually awakening/on the path as it anchors the evolving multidimensional being.

The higher you reach, the more you need to be anchored (in Mother Earth). If you imagine your energy body as a battery, then there needs to be a connection Above and Below for Spiritual Connectivity to flow through.

As you awaken on the spiritual path your higher chakras will naturally open. For many the higher chakras are already open which lead to the awakening process itself.

Yet what can often happen as well is that there is a strong tendency to look upwards in the search for divine connection. Consequently we ignore or look over the lower three chakras (which keep us here on the planet). The Root especially is related to everything that grounds you in physical reality – hence Home, Security, Money (energy exchange).

The healing work you do will involve healing, balancing these chakras.

Evolving Home, Money, Security Themes

For many on the path will discover it seems that Home, Money, Security themes become more prevalent and no matter how much work is done at the Root level, things don’t seem to be shifting. Perhaps a continuous feeling that you are unsupported or unsafe in relation to home and money.

What first needs to be acknowledged is that the awakening individual is becoming multidimensional by nature.

As you are awakening, you are opening up more and more to the Divine and Higher Consciousness. This is a beautiful thing. Yet in order for this to be balanced, it needs to be equally balanced in the earth realm. The Root Chakra will balance the Crown Chakra. Yet when the higher Transpersonal chakras begin to open (such as Soul Star and higher chakras), they need to be balanced by a Transpersonal chakra on the earth realm.

The Earth Star is a Transpersonal chakra that is etherically embedded within the Earth and acts as a multidimensional anchor.

As you are raising your vibration, your tether to the Earth represents your connection to reality. As you are opening up your reality and awareness to something far grander, then your tether needs to reciprocate this.

Think of yourself as awakening to a whole new world.

Yet you are looking at that world out of the windows of your old house.

The old house was previously valid yet it doesn’t support who you are anymore.

You want to walk out of the house and move into a newer one, one that represents who you are.

Similarly when you are awakening at this level, the Earth Star represents your anchoring into your new reality.

Gaia is continually shifting her vibration. Your experience of reality is unique and it is additionally uniquely connected to Mother Earth, who exists in multidimensional states of reality. Therefore the reality you experience is fundamentally affected by which vibrational reality you connect with via Mother Earth.

When you connect with, balance, harmonise and strengthen the Earth Star, you allow your multidimensional self to feel anchored in multidimensional reality. It no longer needs to find its feet in the older reality and can begin to flex its muscles in the new one.

Here the themes of Home, Money, Security are given an even more expansive insight and you begin to experience a far different perspective of them. Additionally, blocks you thought you had around these areas begin to clarify. Here you may discover what you were trying to heal was because you were still looking at yourself from an older perspective.

Manifestation & the Earth Star

Manifestation is a term describing how you bring non physical reality into the physical. You manifest reality via thought, emotion and energy. Therefore the Root Chakra is an essential part of this. Your connection to the Earth is essential if you are to bring your will into this world. The Earth is what manifests it, as all matter is the Earth.

The Earth Star takes this a step deeper. The Earth Star is responsible for greater manifestation of divine will. Your divine will is connected to your Higher Self and Higher Consciousness. It is interwoven with your Divine Path, Purpose & Destiny. So as you awaken, your Divine will also needs an anchor to manifest into reality. As you strengthen your Earth Star, you provide a fertile ground for your Divine will to manifest through.

Many of the ideas, concepts, passions you have as you awaken will evolve and become more aligned to your soul consciousness. Therefore it is also aligned with higher will. The Earth Star is responsible for anchoring those higher templates into physical reality by working with the higher dimensional frequency of the Earth. In other words it is easier to manifest more aligned choices when the earth star is clear and harmonised because it has a greater ability to do this than your root chakra alone. Your Root chakra is more focused on living in reality whilst the earth star is about expanding reality.

Your Purpose & Path

As you deepen your journey you will be drawn to evolving your path to match your increasing desires. The Earth Star is connected to your higher purpose and destiny and supports you in creating this path here on earth. The power of this is also that the earth star is multidimensional so is connected to multidimensional reality. Here the Earth star helps you attract synchronicity, miracles, magic because it is tapped into the subtle realities interacting with the physical plane.

Earth Gateway

On the spiritual path, Mother Earth is often seen as a place to ground – just so we can go higher! Yet the beauty and magic of the Earth is vast. Indigenous peoples have understood this connection for aeons. The Earth is a doorway to the Divine in her own right.

The Earth Star represents a gateway for you to commune with Mother Earth in a much deeper way. Here you connect with Gaia multidimensionally and open up your senses in a far deeper way. Gaia guides you through each step and as you explore this you will recognise just how big a role she plays in your life.

Ley Lines

When you draw up energy from the earth via your root, you are drawing up roots to anchor to the planet. When you draw up energy from the earth via your earth star, you are drawing from the core energetic of the planet and connecting here to the ley lines and earth’s meridian system. This greatly supports your own meridian system and evolving multidimensional energy body, which requires literal support from the earth in a deeper way.

Your Energetic Codes and the Planet

Mother Earth is receiving your energetic and physical codes continuously. Your ‘waste’ carries your genetic frequencies which is received. In many cultures it is known to be sacred when women offer their monthly cycles to the earth, here Mother Earth receives this sacred knowledge of DNA and energetic frequencies, helping Gaia continue a healthy symbiotic connection with humanity.

On an energetic level, your vibration is always connecting to the land you reside upon in the moment. When you move to a new land you may notice your dreams are quite different the initial few days. Here your root and earth star is anchoring into the energy of the land and you are ‘finding yourself’.

The connection goes deeper. Think of it as a two way exchange between you and the land. You give Gaia your energy and you receive her energy. This flow of information is part of maintaining the wider biosphere.

Ancestral wisdom

Your connection to the earth is also your connection to your ancestors, from both your lineage and across time and space. The earth star accessing the living library of Gaia has access to all lifetimes. As you develop your earth star you begin to utilise the knowledge and wisdom across the ages.

The earth star specifically supports you in accessing Gaia’s living library of information with the land’s energies you are working with.

How does this show up in your life?
Most of the time it will manifest through you initially with a desire to connect with the Earth in deeper and deeper ways. You may find yourself wanting to explore rituals and ceremonies.

Galactic Connection

The earth star is particularly important for starseeds, lightworkers, those who connect with the divine – to help bring heaven here rather than miss home.

For many souls who have a deep yearning to be home and difficulty being here, the earth star offers a tremendous opportunity to relieve this suffering.

Absorption of negative energies by Gaia

Mother Earth is always supporting you in releasing negative energies, just as she is absorbing the waste (death) of the planet and recycling it back into birth (life).

A healthy Earth Star helps you stay connected to this natural cycle of release and surrender. This helps your energy body (aura) feel healthy itself rather than carry absorbed energies around.

Symptoms of an unbalanced Earth Star

  • Continuous feeling of being unsupported, unsafe in life
  • Unable to make more money than what you need (unwillingness to allow earth’s bounty in)
  • Lost with direction / Purpose
  • Difficulties in manifesting your higher purpose / experiencing ongoing obstacles, challenges
  • Yearning for Home ‘elsewhere’
  • Unable to see the beauty of being here
  • Feeling disconnected to Life, Spirit, Self
  • Unable to find a location to call ‘Home’. Continuously feeling unsettled

As with most of these symptoms, they are interconnected with other chakras and so it is always recommended to keep all chakras healthy!

Connecting with your Earth Star

Meditation to connect with the Earth Star

Repeat these affirmations and then follow this simple connection

  • I am connected to mother earth
  • I am an extension of mother earth
  • I invite all of who I am to be here, now
  • I honour my life here on planet earth.
  • I honour my breath as life force provided by the earth.
  • Breathe into your body and connect to a ball of light just below your root chakra
  • Visualise a bright star
  • Meet your Earth Star Chakra here and imagine it’s joy. It’s purpose is to anchor you to the earth in a deep and meaningful way
  • Repeat to yourself “I honour you Earth Star for all that you provide. I ask you to harmonise with the rest of my field”
  • Take 3 deep breaths into the Earth Star and imagine it glowing and expanding in the earth
  • Feel its joy increased
  • Feel it literally anchoring you energetically in the earth, supporting very step.
  • Feel it like Gravity, your own Gravity.
  • Smile into your Earth Star and know it is supporting you.

Blessings on your journey, Vaz


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Loving Mercury

Mercury retrograde has a bad rap. We’re often taught to have a negative association with this time as it brings up all of the miscommunication, shadow and projections. Also we hear so often: ‘dont book anything or travel’.

I used to move through retrograde fine (obliviously) before I knew anything about it.
Then I went through a period where I feared it or significantly cut down on how I would normally act. I ended up blaming retrograde for any mishappenings in that period.

After some time I realised it wasn’t Mercury’s fault..it was my own stuff that was being highlighted..as an opportunity to face and transmute it.
I just didn’t like to see it.

Surely if things are coming up to the surface, that’s a good thing.

This is why Mercury often gets such a bad name, as with many things associated with shadow. It’s actually helping us if we can allow it. Whatever arises is already there. It’s just far less under the control of our masks and personas.

Additionally anything we book or travel to is part of that illumination. It’s taking us to a deeper place within. I’ve found whenever I have done this, my journeys and experiences have been even richer with spiritual insight and transformation.

Everything changes when our perspectives change.


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Blessing Those Who Have What We Want

We’re so used to pushing away things that feel uncomfortable.

I used to feel dirty when I felt competitive. Or jealous or envious. These are words that usually trigger unconscious shame…. Especially in spirituality where we ‘know’ everyone is equal and deserving…yet we cannot help feel insecure when someone is doing something or experiencing something we want.

Rather than push these feelings away, it’s one of the greatest opportunities for transmutation. On one level they show us what we truly want.

Yet on another level, if we can bring these feelings into the light, own them, don’t try and fix them yet use them as guides to act in a new way…we can experience radical shifts.

Competitiveness, Unhealthy Comparison, Insecurity are normal and its emotionally unhealthy if we pretend we don’t have it, repress it or judge it within.

If we allow these feelings to continue to be repressed, it can cement powerful statements about reality. It can prolong ideas about Scarcity, ‘We are not good enough’. ‘Others have it easy and we don’t’. Leading to prolonged victimhood.

Instead we can liberate it through the power of Blessing.

When we do this, it releases the limiting bond we have with the other ~ which continues a story of Less. Here, we acknowledge the notion that life is infinitely abundant whilst transmuting our comparisons into a treasure.
Simultaneously as we do this, we acknowledge that we too also are part of that abundant Universe.

Experiential: Blessing Those Who Have What You Want

I have created a brief journey to guide through this process, listed further down. There is an exercise to do beforehand, please read first:

Before listening:

Please tune in and write a list of those in your life you feel insecure about when you see what they have – and what you want. Perhaps you feel inferior to them because of it. Or jealous or competitive. Whilst this is designed for ‘what others have’, it can be applied to any area and use the meditation to adapt to that area. The list doesn’t need to be long and you can always return to this meditation another time with a new list.

When ready, listen to the meditation below:

Blessings on your journey