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Lemuria Rising

Journey deep into Lemuria, Telos and your Heart ❤ Meet your Lemurian Guide – Allow this guide into your life to begin assisting you in your life experiences, to be more Heart Centered – so you can be less reactive, fearful, unsure and more compassionate, light-hearted, joyful❤ Receive a transformative Crystalline Heart Activation. Awakening yourContinue reading “Lemuria Rising”

Activating Your Soul Purpose

The Ascension represents a global shift in consciousness. This can only occur with the individual Awakenings that occur for each soul. As the wave of Awakenings grow, the Great Shift grows. As you Awaken to your divinity and then awaken and express your gifts – you participate in the Ascension that you were born to do.

Root Chakra Activation

Adya and I held a special session, marking the beginning of our Chakra Activations. I have run these sporadically before over the years and they have been majorly powerful. Activational work shifts our core beliefs not just in this life, it works ancestrally and across reincarnational cycles. I remember when I last held an ActivationContinue reading “Root Chakra Activation”

Evening Prayer Meditation

This is a meditation / prayer for the Evening before sleep. It provides a Clearing for the days energies, thoughts, ideas. A place to disengage from what has happened yet also reflect back upon the day with love, acceptance, kindness and forgiveness. This sets the tone for a restful sleep. I created this because everyContinue reading “Evening Prayer Meditation”

Lion’s Gate Portal

Happy New Year! The Lion’s Gate is also known as the spiritual new year with the rising of Sirius (Earth’s second sun). Yesterday we worked directly with the Lions Gate to open up to our new stories and say goodbye to our old ones. The Sirian gateway lasts between 8th August and 12th August. It’s known asContinue reading “Lion’s Gate Portal”

The Emerging You

During these times, every soul is being asked subtlety: “Who are you… without the influences of your past, of your ideas,  of others? What do you want to Create… in this new world?” As this new world is being birthed, it is not so much as knowing what we want (which is being asked toContinue reading “The Emerging You”

Rainbow Self

We’re entering a new phase of our reality where even the term Shadow is being offered a new perspective. For those of you who have been deep diving into your spiritual growth will have no doubt come across shadow healing and recognised how important it is. Initially we may not realise how vital it isContinue reading “Rainbow Self”

Healing Your Story – Dragon Energy Lines Activation

This is part of the Healing Your Story Series. Although this can be listened to individually. Vaz leads through a Divine I AM Transmission to meet aspects of your story for Release, Acceptance, Spiritual Expansion. Your Sacred Story is your Divine Blueprint for your life experiences. They hold keys to your spiritual growth lessons andContinue reading “Healing Your Story – Dragon Energy Lines Activation”

Journey with the Angels: Heart Activation with your Guardian Angel

The Angelic Realm holds immense, unconditional, absolute love for you and through free-will await intentional connection. You have many Spirit Guides and Angels assisting you and there are teams of Angels assigned for specific roles. Here we will be bringing in the Angelic Realm who are overseeing physical reality. These angels are pure loving lightContinue reading “Journey with the Angels: Heart Activation with your Guardian Angel”

The Divine Plan

You are being liberated form an older paradigm through a quantum accelerated shift in consciousness during this time. Mass consciousness is moving to a newer paradigm of thought & experience. The divine plan is a tapestry with every single experience interweaving through it. This includes your experience! Since ancient times, This Time has been foretold.Continue reading “The Divine Plan”

The Tables have Turned

The world has changed. It is continuing to change every day, the longer this continues. Whatever idea we had about our lives and where we believed it was going, has implicitly been thrown out of the window. However, we have also been trained leading up to this whether we realise this or not. The lastContinue reading “The Tables have Turned”

Starseeds: Hybrids

The Hybrid Children are a fundamental aspect of humanity’s evolution. Many souls during this time have been participating in the hybrid “programme” which is a bridge between human and ET consciousness. These are beautiful starchildren who require the love, support of humanity’s unique emotional system and their natural connection to the Stars. Artwork by AdyaContinue reading “Starseeds: Hybrids”

Healing Your Attachments

During these times, especially with the isolation that is being asked of people around the world – we are being presented with the experience of Detaching from the world around us. This in turn is providing a unique situation to bring up and heal our attachments. Attachments are generally seen with negative connotations, in termsContinue reading “Healing Your Attachments”

Energy Management

Those of you reading this, or drawn to my work, are usually those more sensitive to energies, experiences, emotions & life. This is a tremendous Gift. Although can often seem a struggle too. One of the things I’ve learned over time, as someone who is sensitive to energies, is to also recognise how influenced IContinue reading “Energy Management”

The Awakening Process: Truth, Dark Nights of the Soul/Ego & Expansion

In this session I speak about the nature of Awakening, of Truth (Personal & Collective), of our relationship with Suffering and the Dark Knights of the Soul (or Ego). I have had my own personal experience with suffering, with around 15 yrs of intense depression – and this period taught me to view suffering, andContinue reading “The Awakening Process: Truth, Dark Nights of the Soul/Ego & Expansion”

The Healing Sanctuary

This is a Guided Journey into the Healing Sanctuary of your Inner Realms. Here be taken through a gentle process to Heal, Restore, Rejuvenate, Revitalise, Reconnect…. This is a visualisation to help you unburden from the worries, stresses, concerns of life and recharge. Blessings on your journey.

A New World is Birthing…within you

In order for a new world to be birthed, an old one must end. This provides us with a unique time to appreciate the ending and birthing of our inner worlds. You have been trained for this, with many of your worlds / paradigms ending.

Trusting the Process

What happens when we trust in the divine process of what is unfolding? If everything unfolding is a manifestation of the collective, individual and group, then everything experienced is part of the Divine Plan. How we approach the world changes. Instead of trying to wish suffering isn’t occurring, we ask what suffering is trying toContinue reading “Trusting the Process”

Into the Unknown

What is happening in the world right now is a powerful opportunity to see the outer manifestation of an energy that swims through many areas of our lives – Worry. Right now, in this moment you most likely have underlying worry in many different parts of your life. This is normal and natural on theContinue reading “Into the Unknown”

Times of Change

It’s incredible seeing how people, organisations, companies are coming together during these times. It shows the capability of humanity during times of crisis. Companies are completely restructuring their businesses to serve what’s needed. From car manufacturers switching to creating ventilators, to hearing from the CEOs of supermarkets informing us daily of how they are adapting.Continue reading “Times of Change”

LEMURIA: Heart Centered Awakening, with Mt Shasta

This is a transmission to connect with the Ancient civilisation of Lemuria. This continent existed aeons ago as one of the Earth’s first and most advanced species, both spiritually and technologically. Ancient Lemurians were Masters of Love and Heart Centered Living, and understood crystals to a high degree. They stored information inside crystals to beContinue reading “LEMURIA: Heart Centered Awakening, with Mt Shasta”

PLEIADES: Meet Your Pleiadian Star Family & DNA Vortex Activation

Pleiadians are often seen as Humanity’s Cousins from the Stars. They have been assisting humanity in this ascension in numerous ways. Pleiadians have polarised to the light and thus have been on an incredible journey of exploring this aspect of consciousness. Many souls have a very strong connection to this race, which is also involvedContinue reading “PLEIADES: Meet Your Pleiadian Star Family & DNA Vortex Activation”

SIRIUS: Higher Truth transmission and Cetacean Activation

Sirius is a trinary star system that has deep meaning for many indigenous cultures across the spans of time on planet earth. Many Starseeds have strong Sirian streams within their lineage, a reflection of this beautiful civilisation. Ancient cultures from Lemuria, Maya, Egypt all had strong connections with the systems of Sirius (amongst other systems).Continue reading “SIRIUS: Higher Truth transmission and Cetacean Activation”

LYRA: Ancient Lyra & Library of Galactic Records Activation

Lyra is seen as the pivotal civilisation that seeded this Galaxy – and our Origin story. Many of the Star Systems that have seeded Human’s Genetic Code and the Galactic heritage originate from the constellation of Lyra. They are known as the Lion People. They have ancient spiritual and esoteric wisdom that carries codes forContinue reading “LYRA: Ancient Lyra & Library of Galactic Records Activation”

Heal Your Story with the Arcturians (Divine I AM Transmission)

What is a Divine I AM Transmission? Divine I AM Transmissions is a system of healing that has been created & channelled by Vaz Sriharan. These are channeled energy transmissions working with higher realms of light, assisted beings and guides and the Crystalline Planetary Light Grids – to awaken and connect to our Inner SourceContinue reading “Heal Your Story with the Arcturians (Divine I AM Transmission)”

White Magic Purification

This is a White Magic Cleansing and Activating Transmission, to purify your entire system as we work with the Ascended Light Beings and the Order of Melchizedek. This is a beautiful purifying, cleansing bath of higher light. With this ~ Clear projections, judgments, competitive energies from others, from self, as well as dense, dark, magicsContinue reading “White Magic Purification”

Ascension Transmission: Angelic Cleansing & Higher Consciousness Downloads

Energetic Clearing & Cleansing: Of dense energies, from your environment & personal transitions. Many of us, especially sensitive/empathic pick up a lot during our lives. This is a space for beautiful letting go. Universal Frequencies: Collective Themes, LightBody Activations: Working with the Crystalline Grid (Planetary Light Grids) we will be consciously downloading current universal energies,Continue reading “Ascension Transmission: Angelic Cleansing & Higher Consciousness Downloads”

Stillness in the Storm

One of the greatest trainings you have as representatives of a higher consciousness, is to learn how to stand still when there is chaos around. To find peace in the face of adversity. To offer safe harbour in the seemingly stormy seas. And all of this is taught through your life experiences. Many of youContinue reading “Stillness in the Storm”

What is being aligned…?

I used to think being aligned is the ultimate state and if I’m not aligned I’m not at my spiritual optimum. But what is aligned? Is being aligned a Disney state of reality where everything is magic, where synchronicities & connections are made every few moments. Where there are no arguments or feeling negative emotions..whereContinue reading “What is being aligned…?”

Across Time

Reality and Time are so subjective. When I was 14 I was in one of my lowest times of my life. There was a moment I was crouched down in the corner of a room, hopeless, desperate for something…and something happened. A vision came to my mind and a guide held out their hand forContinue reading “Across Time”

I want to see you…

I want to see you shine bright And fall in love with your personality as I love yours I want you to laugh at your failings rather than dwell on them. Your failings are mine. Your insecurities are mine. I want you to truly appreciate the impact of your unique energy and the presence youContinue reading “I want to see you…”

Return to Love

This is a brief guided journey I created to support you in Remembering who you are. As you hear the words, phrases, allow your Soul to tune into the part of you that is Awake. That is Alive. That already Knows. The more we feed and nurture the Soul Presence, the more it is activatedContinue reading “Return to Love”


I had a deep dive into a period of depression this last winter. It came out of nowhere. I’ve since come out of it yet feel it’s a responsibility to chat about here to anyone experiencing it or having bouts now and then. It’s a weird thing getting depressed, as there are so many connotationsContinue reading “Depression”


Vulnerability is a concept so spiritual in itself and yet can be so challenging to the current spiritual collective we have co-created. Because you cannot fix vulnerability. You cannot heal it. You cannot give it advice It is simply, vulnerable. True. Real. Honest And this is challenging to a consciousness that has founded itself uponContinue reading “Vulnerability”

Question Your Beliefs

Question any ideology that takes you away from the moment. From looking at life and what the world is, Now. From being with your emotions in This Moment, rather than further utopian escapism or subjective detachment. We have run away from everything, all of our lives, across the aeons…so of course it will still beContinue reading “Question Your Beliefs”

Follow Your Fulfilment

What if you follow your Fulfilment rather than your excitement or passion? Is something stirring? It may be a yearning, a calling, a knowing, a feeling… A continual reminder from events around you… A whisper from within… “Express dear one….” “Shine your beautiful Light…” “It’s time….you know, its time…” It may be a nudging irritationContinue reading “Follow Your Fulfilment”


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