You are in Flow especially when you aren’t….

The paradox of being in flow is to see yourself as being in flow especially when you do not feel you are. This seems like a contradiction yet it all begins with our state of mind. Initially trying to be in flow can emerge from a sense of pretending: ”I am in flow…when I secretlyContinue reading “You are in Flow especially when you aren’t….”

Change & Your Soul’s Calling

We are all experiencing tremendous Change during these times. Change leads to Evolution and Expansion. If we want Change and we want to live in accordance to our soul’s desires rather than our human fears, then it usually involves sacrifice. Sacrifice sometimes has a connotation that we are having to give up something precious toContinue reading “Change & Your Soul’s Calling”

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra (Vyapini in Sanskrit), also known as the 8th Chakra, is part of your energy field. It is not located in the physical body (like the 7 main Chakras and others). It is said to be 12 inches to 3 feet above your Crown chakra. It is multidimensionally connected with your HigherContinue reading “Soul Star Chakra”

Meeting Gaia: Earth Magic & Activation

You have a deep and powerful connection to Mother Earth. One that spans across lifetimes and lifetimes. She knows who you are intimately, on a soul level. Gaia carries energetic codes and frequencies and is also known as a Living Library of wisdom, information and magic. Indigenous peoples and cultures since the dawn of timeContinue reading “Meeting Gaia: Earth Magic & Activation”

Your Galactic Heritage

What feelings stir when you see a picture like this (above)? Feelings of wonder…awe…longing….familiarity? There is something otherworldly that is anchored within your DNA consciousness of extraterrestrial contact. This knowledge spans human history and we do not need to look far to see evidence of mankind’s fascination with the stars and life beyond. As humanityContinue reading “Your Galactic Heritage”

Rising from the Ashes (Depression)

18 years ago this November, I came out of the most intense period of my life. A “depression” that lasted 15 years of battling daily suicidal thoughts and actual attempts. Although I was aware spiritually since birth, this became part of the problem. Born into a world that didn’t seem to be. Unable to communicateContinue reading “Rising from the Ashes (Depression)”

Closing the Day to Begin Anew

How do you feel at the end of a long day? Spiritually connected? If you’re like most people then that is unlikely. And that is Ok! You’ve had a day filled with experience. Conversations with others perhaps. Interactions whether passive or active, involve energy exchanges. Thoughts, emotions from dawn till dusk….You’ve had a lifetime ofContinue reading “Closing the Day to Begin Anew”