Group Conformity and Polarised Battles

Having emerged from what feels like a different kind of isolation over the past few months, it’s been interesting, fascinating, surprising to see the state of the world. I feel like I’ve been walked into another dimension. Yet the themes feel very familiar. Polarity Battles are being taken to another level. This has always beenContinue reading “Group Conformity and Polarised Battles”

Root Chakra Activation

Adya and I held a special session, marking the beginning of our Chakra Activations. I have run these sporadically before over the years and they have been majorly powerful. Activational work shifts our core beliefs not just in this life, it works ancestrally and across reincarnational cycles. I remember when I last held an ActivationContinue reading “Root Chakra Activation”

Conscious Attraction of Your Reality

You are not just attracting things to your reality, you are also attracted to it One of the fascinating aspects of our Manifestation process, or Creating Your Reality, is of course that the Inner World attracts and reflects the Outer World.  When I first came across Creating Your Reality, I lapped it up. It explainedContinue reading “Conscious Attraction of Your Reality”

The Tables have Turned

The world has changed. It is continuing to change every day, the longer this continues. Whatever idea we had about our lives and where we believed it was going, has implicitly been thrown out of the window. However, we have also been trained leading up to this whether we realise this or not. The lastContinue reading “The Tables have Turned”

Soul Contracts and Agreements

Contracts are agreements that we make on a soul level to initiate specific growth lessons that we want to embrace in our incarnation. Whilst contracts have a strict fixed definition in our language. Soul contracts are fluid and flexible, and submit to free will. They can be individual depending on the experience or they canContinue reading “Soul Contracts and Agreements”

Post Transmission Realisations (22/03)

It always takes me a few days to integrate (aka recover) from transmissions 😅 Sunday’s Divine I AM was incredibly powerful, thank to you all who connected. The feedback has been amazing & I’m always in awe at the transformation that can occur from this type of work. With all the ‘chaos’ occurring in theContinue reading “Post Transmission Realisations (22/03)”