Times of Change

It’s incredible seeing how people, organisations, companies are coming together during these times. It shows the capability of humanity during times of crisis. Companies are completely restructuring their businesses to serve what’s needed. From car manufacturers switching to creating ventilators, to hearing from the CEOs of supermarkets informing us daily of how they are adapting.Continue reading “Times of Change”

Stillness in the Storm

One of the greatest trainings you have as representatives of a higher consciousness, is to learn how to stand still when there is chaos around. To find peace in the face of adversity. To offer safe harbour in the seemingly stormy seas. And all of this is taught through your life experiences. Many of youContinue reading “Stillness in the Storm”

What is being aligned…?

I used to think being aligned is the ultimate state and if I’m not aligned I’m not at my spiritual optimum. But what is aligned? Is being aligned a Disney state of reality where everything is magic, where synchronicities & connections are made every few moments. Where there are no arguments or feeling negative emotions..whereContinue reading “What is being aligned…?”

I want to see you…

I want to see you shine bright And fall in love with your personality as I love yours I want you to laugh at your failings rather than dwell on them. Your failings are mine. Your insecurities are mine. I want you to truly appreciate the impact of your unique energy and the presence youContinue reading “I want to see you…”