Be aware of the “Empath vs Narcissist” Trap

During these times we have to be cautious of sweeping concepts and themes that may emulate: fear disguised as love. I care deeply about Empaths becoming Empowered, as an Empath myself. I also care deeply about all souls becoming Empowered. And with unity consciousness principles of healing, this is possible. There is a great dealContinue reading “Be aware of the “Empath vs Narcissist” Trap”

Sacred Union Healing: The Wounded Feminine & Wounded Masculine

We often feel that we are working to balance our Masculine and Feminine, yet we also need to look deeper into these themes to assist with our healing. There is a current idea that the world has become too masculine and needs to balance with feminine principles. Whilst its absolutely lacking in terms of feminineContinue reading “Sacred Union Healing: The Wounded Feminine & Wounded Masculine”

Forgiveness is a River

Family. Isn’t this where all of our ‘stuff’ comes from? Our environment, the way we were conditioned during childhood and adolescence? On the spiritual path as we recognize our family conditionings we are faced with the ultimate spiritual transformational gateway: Forgiveness. There are several stages to growth and development. The following is generic yet canContinue reading “Forgiveness is a River”