The Awakening Process: Truth, Dark Nights of the Soul/Ego & Expansion

In this session I speak about the nature of Awakening, of Truth (Personal & Collective), of our relationship with Suffering and the Dark Knights of the Soul (or Ego). I have had my own personal experience with suffering, with around 15 yrs of intense depression – and this period taught me to view suffering, andContinue reading “The Awakening Process: Truth, Dark Nights of the Soul/Ego & Expansion”

Ascension Awakening: Trust

I recorded this episode following a particularly powerful transmission we held on Sunday, which opened up for many realisations, insights flowing through. Treat this as a transmission itself, it speaks a soul language, where as my words flow they will be received by your Soul beyond the mind and analysis. All given here to helpContinue reading “Ascension Awakening: Trust”

Can you feel it stirring?

It’s in our DNA to be prepared for situations like this. Do you feel it stirring? Many of you have had visions of chaos since birth, psychologically preparing for such times. Many of you have experienced trauma, dark nights of the soul, also preparing you for times of change. There is a new era birthingContinue reading “Can you feel it stirring?”

Stillness in the Storm

One of the greatest trainings you have as representatives of a higher consciousness, is to learn how to stand still when there is chaos around. To find peace in the face of adversity. To offer safe harbour in the seemingly stormy seas. And all of this is taught through your life experiences. Many of youContinue reading “Stillness in the Storm”