Energy Update – October 2020

The Battle between the Light & Dark is not out there. It’s inside Welcome to this Energy Update which essentially covers this Summer and leading into October.Timestamps are listed in the video on YouTube. EXTREME POLARISATION: BINARY VS NUANCEDThe increasing polarisation on the planet has manifested in many forms. From Brexit & Trump to Genders,Continue reading “Energy Update – October 2020”

10 Signs you’re a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker? Perhaps you like millions of others are exploring whether you are a Lightworker. Right now on the planet, the global Awakening is activating many, many souls to tap into their Soul Purpose. Why? It is an incredible design by the Universe to carry out a Higher Plan. Here are 10 signsContinue reading “10 Signs you’re a Lightworker”

Conscious Attraction of Your Reality

You are not just attracting things to your reality, you are also attracted to it One of the fascinating aspects of our Manifestation process, or Creating Your Reality, is of course that the Inner World attracts and reflects the Outer World.  When I first came across Creating Your Reality, I lapped it up. It explainedContinue reading “Conscious Attraction of Your Reality”

Daily Intention for Connection and Synchronicity

This Guided Meditation is for you to set your Intention for the day to approach it with an Open Heart, Open Spirit and Open Presence. This allows you to tap into the source field presence, establishing a strong spiritual connection for the day ahead. This meditation also creates space for you to tap into theContinue reading “Daily Intention for Connection and Synchronicity”

Healing Your Story – Dragon Energy Lines Activation

This is part of the Healing Your Story Series. Although this can be listened to individually. Vaz leads through a Divine I AM Transmission to meet aspects of your story for Release, Acceptance, Spiritual Expansion. Your Sacred Story is your Divine Blueprint for your life experiences. They hold keys to your spiritual growth lessons andContinue reading “Healing Your Story – Dragon Energy Lines Activation”