Reclaiming Your WillPower

I’ve been fasting since my last Transmission on Sunday. I usually do it several times a year. Often the priority is health or detox. Yet I mainly do it also to heal my emptiness and awaken my willpower.  If you’ve ever fasted you know that it isn’t so much being hungry that makes it difficult. It’sContinue reading “Reclaiming Your WillPower”

What’s My Purpose? Free Masterclass

These are incredible times – where the Universe is calling many souls to embrace their Divine Purpose. Every single soul has a multitude of Gifts. All designed to participate in this Great Shift of Consciousness. Are you hearing the Call? Activate your Soul Blueprint. Fine-Tune your Path with Clarity & Direction. You have so muchContinue reading “What’s My Purpose? Free Masterclass”

Is the Universe Calling you into Action?

With everything that is happening in the world, whilst things may seem to have slowed down or ‘locked down’, it is also an incredible time to cultivate your gifts and transform. During times when the Collective pauses, we can utilise this space to accelerate and then ride the next wave of the Ascension. Is theContinue reading “Is the Universe Calling you into Action?”

Golden Light Sphere Meditation for Peace & Calm

Connect with Divine Consciousness and be bathed in golden light to create more calm and peace in your Body, Mind and Spirit. This meditation is especially great to listen to if you find yourself ever feeling anxious, worried, stressed or overwhelmed. Allow loving Spirit to shower you with Light.

Being Responsible for your Dreams

What does it mean to be responsible for your dreams? How can block our own manifestations by not meeting the very dreams that we want to manifest? Explore more in this video. To delve deeper into this theme, here are some recommendations. As you write your dreams down, recognise that they will anchor in physicalContinue reading “Being Responsible for your Dreams”

Activating Your Soul Purpose

The Ascension represents a global shift in consciousness. This can only occur with the individual Awakenings that occur for each soul. As the wave of Awakenings grow, the Great Shift grows. As you Awaken to your divinity and then awaken and express your gifts – you participate in the Ascension that you were born toContinue reading “Activating Your Soul Purpose”

Conscious Attraction of Your Reality

You are not just attracting things to your reality, you are also attracted to it One of the fascinating aspects of our Manifestation process, or Creating Your Reality, is of course that the Inner World attracts and reflects the Outer World.  When I first came across Creating Your Reality, I lapped it up. It explainedContinue reading “Conscious Attraction of Your Reality”