Daily Intention for Connection and Synchronicity

This Guided Meditation is for you to set your Intention for the day to approach it with an Open Heart, Open Spirit and Open Presence. This allows you to tap into the source field presence, establishing a strong spiritual connection for the day ahead. This meditation also creates space for you to tap into theContinue reading “Daily Intention for Connection and Synchronicity”

Affirmations for Soul Purpose and Destiny

These Affirmations have been created to assist you in Calling in your Soul Purpose & Destiny. To assist in breaking free of comfort zones, limiting areas where your path or purpose is not flowing. Allow yourself to SHINE as the radiant being you already are. You have great potential within you. Use these affirmations toContinue reading “Affirmations for Soul Purpose and Destiny”

5D Choice and Higher Consciousness Downloads

During these times we are being asked to Choose to vibrate out to the Universe which reality we want to live in. This has been termed in many ways – the Two Timelines, Diverging Realities, 5D and 3D. Naturally as a planetary species ascends, that choice will become more difficult because the higher energies requireContinue reading “5D Choice and Higher Consciousness Downloads”

Higher Realms: Journey Home

This is an extensive voyage & transmission to the Higher Realms channelled by Vaz Sriharan and featuring channeller Adya Nova. Be taken on a magical journey through the veil to meet your awaiting Star Guide. Experience this beautiful realm and voyage across to meet the High Priestess at the Grand Temple. Hear a message fromContinue reading “Higher Realms: Journey Home”

LEMURIA: Heart Centered Awakening, with Mt Shasta

This is a transmission to connect with the Ancient civilisation of Lemuria. This continent existed aeons ago as one of the Earth’s first and most advanced species, both spiritually and technologically. Ancient Lemurians were Masters of Love and Heart Centered Living, and understood crystals to a high degree. They stored information inside crystals to beContinue reading “LEMURIA: Heart Centered Awakening, with Mt Shasta”

White Magic Purification

This is a White Magic Cleansing and Activating Transmission, to purify your entire system as we work with the Ascended Light Beings and the Order of Melchizedek. This is a beautiful purifying, cleansing bath of higher light. With this ~ Clear projections, judgments, competitive energies from others, from self, as well as dense, dark, magicsContinue reading “White Magic Purification”

Self Compassion and Creation Prayer

This is a prayer devoted towards self-forgiveness and surrender of your stories. It is also a call for bringing in more beautiful fulfilling experiences. As we offer our past the frequency of loving acceptance, it releases our attachment to it, liberating us to the present & future. This prayer is also a healing meditation inContinue reading “Self Compassion and Creation Prayer”