10 Minute Re-Centering: Tune Into Your Inner World

This is a 10-minute meditation to Re-Center – To re-connect with your Self. To remember who You are. This meditation helps you disconnect from the outer world, the collective stories, the stories of others…even your own story… To discover what is within, waiting, breathing, Being. And ultimately to help guide you back into the PresentContinue reading “10 Minute Re-Centering: Tune Into Your Inner World”

Awaken Your Inner Love

This journey is designed for those who wish to Awaken, Deepen, Expand their Inner Love. This can be listened to numerous times to align to your own Inner Love. You have access to Eternity within. If you are experiencing Depression, Anxiety, Generally low state in your life – allow yourself to be taken on aContinue reading “Awaken Your Inner Love”

The Four Waterfalls: Energy Clearing and Protection

This visualisation has been created to help Clear your Energy Field from low vibrational energies you may have picked up from your environment, other people, conversations, emails, electromagnetic interference from devices, mass media. As well as from your own personal transitions that may still be in your field. As well as clearing negative energies andContinue reading “The Four Waterfalls: Energy Clearing and Protection”

10 Miraculous Minutes: Remember Who You Are ♥

This message came through as I sat down to write one day…to share for others and as always, for myself too 🙂 Take 10 minutes and Meet the Miracle…You. 10 minutes for yourself can equate to 10 months…allow Time to expand, Awareness to be your guide and take you on a beautiful journey…within. Enjoy “DearContinue reading “10 Miraculous Minutes: Remember Who You Are ♥”

Connect to Your Divine I AM Presence

Journey on a beautiful voyage to reconnect with your eternal Inner Divine I AM Presence. Experience the unconditional love of your Soul presence. Surrender to your inner Divinity and strengthen this Connection. This visualisation has been created for Divine Connection, Sacred Union, Healing, Peace & Awakening Inner Love.  When we Connect to our Divine IContinue reading “Connect to Your Divine I AM Presence”

Affirmations for Self Love

These are Affirmations for Self Love. All Affirmations used here were used by myself to assist in emerging from depression – they are created with love, to act as a daily reminder of what you are capable of, recondition your subconscious with higher philosophies of love, offer channelled energies to awaken your Soul and initiateContinue reading “Affirmations for Self Love”

Raising Your Vibration: Alignment and Appreciation

This is a combination of Sacred Prayer, Intention, Gratitude & Self Love to Raise Your Vibration. How often do we appreciate our lives? Our journey? Our Physical Body? How much time do we spend doing the opposite…! This is a space to recalibrate. Beginning with a Sacred Prayer to the Divine, moving into Appreciation ofContinue reading “Raising Your Vibration: Alignment and Appreciation”